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Who Invented Paint By Number?

Dan Robbins is the creator of paint-by-number. 1950-60’s pop culture is highly reflected in his work. He first started painting as his leisure passing activity, but slowly it became his passion for life. He is considered one of the modest painters, and he created some of the finest pictures in his time.

Initially, painting kits used to have only a few colors, and thus, it was quite difficult to mix and match those colors for creating the finest arts.

Paint by numbers canvas is the most important part of his painting kit. He changed the entire definition of art and painting, and this is why he is still alive in the minds of people, especially those who are passionate about painting.

A brief intro about Dan Robbins:

Pain-by-numbers is quite a special kind of painting kit with a proper board over which light markings are made for indicating the actual painting areas. Every area is being marked by a correspondingly numbered paint and a number. A popular paint company of 1923 named Palmer Show Card for the first time came with this specific painting technique, and Dan Robbins was being approached by the company’s owner for his outstanding painting skills. In the year 1951, Robbins came up with the brand Craft Master after many product iterations. Almost above 12million kits were being sold under this brand. This phenomenon made other pain companies also follow a similar trend. In fact, this is the very reason that Robbins is considered as the inventor of a new painting trend or era.

Modern art techniques are highly influenced by the technique of pain-by-numbers. Robbins invented the easiest way of painting images, and it seems to be a great painting solution, especially for beginners. Beginners who find it difficult to paint can easily pain their desirable pictures by applying this specific technique of painting. Now, everybody can easily learn the painting basics by means of following Robbins’ technique. Arts of every era have taken inspiration from Robbins’ paint-by-number. When first the kit was introduced into the market, every paint retailer fears that the targeted customers will not appreciate the kit as a result of which it would result in a great flop. At that point in time, Palmar Company’s owner, Max Clein, decided to apply a few specialized market tricks for making the painting kit popular. He decided to make the packaging much more colorful so that the customers can easily get attracted towards the same.

Macy’s toy purchaser was asked to demonstrate the kits in their store for promotion with the promise that unsold merchandise would be returned at absolutely cost-free. Macy agreed on this as they find the deal absolutely harmless. After that, two reps were being hired, and each of them was offered almost $250 so that they can encourage their friends, relatives, or other acquaintances to purchase the kits at just $2. 50. This was a great trick, and immediately after applying this trick, Macy’s store received a huge rush of customers with the intention of buying these paint kits.


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