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Which Is Potential Enough To Be The Second Bitcoin?

There is already hype about Bitcoin which is used for various digital financial transactions. What is a Bitcoin? This is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset that performs as a digital financial transaction medium. Which each financial transaction under the ledger a block is created and with the trail of transactions, blockchain is created. These blocks are all secured with special cryptography of the currency. This is the reason why many consider cryptocurrency as the most secured way of financial transaction.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency the price of which is highest among others. Giant investors are already in Bitcoin investieren to corner the market in future as Bitcoin is assumed to have a bright future in global economy, rather it can create a new age, a revolution in financial transactions. Already there are a lot of updates about bitcoins, but there is question that is whirling in the investors’ mind and that is what would be the second Bitcoin?

Let’s discuss about the most popular cryptocurrency that can take the place of Bitcoin.


Zcash is very new to the market but it covered various grounds in a short period of time. At this moment Zcash has 21 million coins in transaction. A certain level of anonymity can be enjoyable with Zcash investment. The investors can get detailed report of all transactions through Zcash. Hence, it can be wise to invest in Zcash after Bitcoin.


Digital Dash is one of the top cryptocurrency which was created in 2015. The market price of this cryptocurrency hits $2,036,525,273. With this short period of time the currency maintained its consistency about $100 million worth the transactions. The crucial feature of the cryptocurrency is that it is safe and secure and this is also one of the reasons behind its popularity.

It was launched in 2011 and considered as one of the important most cryptocurrency in the world. This is based on open-source payment network which is of course, not controlled by the central banks. The use of scrypt as the proof of work can be decoded with consumer-grade’s CPUs. Litecoin is very much like bitcoin but it incorporates a faster block generation process.


This is a decentralised software platform with the feature of smart contracts and distributed apps that can be run without any interference, downtime and fraud. The apps run on ethereum maintain platform-specific cryptography to process any financial transaction.


This is basically a secure, unreachable and private currency. This is also an open-source cryptocurrency which spiked a lot of interest among the enthusiasts. Monero is focused on decentralisation and scalability and it provides a complete privacy to the users with a special ‘ring signature’ technique. It is popular after bitcoin because of its security mechanism.


Cardano is comparatively new in the market. It is launched in 2017. Cardano offers advantages of ethereum and many others. It incorporates the smart contracts like ethereum. In addition to it, it is capable of solving some awful problems with cryptocurrency everywhere that includes scalability and interoperability. With ADA, international payment process takes a few seconds.

These are the top cryptocurrency which are considered to have the most value after bitcoin. People who have already invested in bitcoins started showing interest in the other cryptocurrency which holds close importance to bitcoin.



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