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Things To Know About Bariatric Surgery

I didn’t start struggling with weight until about 9 years ago. Shortly after I had to take a disability retirement from law enforcement for mental reasons, the medications, lack of exercise and depression really put the pounds on me. My heaviest weight was 350lbs and I only stand about five foot eight inches. While I have tried about every diet there is, I could never lose the weight and keep it off. After about four months of research, testing and going to doctors, I have been approved for Duodenal Switch Surgery. The surgery date is July 31st, 2012. This is an elective surgery and can be serious. It’s a little more invasive than the gastric bypass and shouldn’t be taken lightly. While I excited to get on with my new life style change and use the surgery as a tool to lose weight, down deep I am scared of the unknown.

With the Duodenal Switch surgery, they remove 70 to 85% of your stomach and re-route the small intestines. The re-routing is to cause malabsorbtion of certain foods allowing your body to burn fat instead of storing it. The loss of the stomach restricts how much you can eat. There are not very many surgeons doing the Duodenal Switch Surgery yet. It takes further training, it’s a more complicated surgery but the results are more favorable for losing and keeping the weight off.

After my surgery I will be limited to eat various foods for quite sometime. After about a year I should be back to my regular diet with the exception of only eating about 3/4 of what I used to. With this surgery I should be able to lose anywhere from 125 to 150lbs and keep it off. My life style will have to completely change. I will have to eat healthier, be more active and play a more active role in my health. Some people say the surgery is the easy way out. I am here to tell you it’s not the easy way out. After surgery is hell on most people and some of the possible complications are terrible. With my current health I am willing to take this risk.

It took a lot of research and talking with people that have had the Duodenal Switch Surgery prior to me making up my mind which Bariatric Surgery was right for me because I searched for top 5 plastic surgeon in Michigan to ask them about the surgery for fat deduction which is quite different from liposuction in which a person don’t have to go through any operations for the fat break, they can easily get rid of it by the machines that burns the fat with vibrations. The most important reason I am getting this done is my health, then comes my family. I want to live as long and healthy as I possibly can. Under my current weight and health issues I don’t see this happening. After the surgery, my blood pressure problem should be eliminated, my CPAP machine should be eliminated, I will be less likely to become diabetic and my chances for heart problems will be lessoned a lot. While this is not a magic way to lose weight, it is a tool that I can use to lose the weight and keep it off. Like I already said, it’s a life style change and I welcome the outcome. Thanks for reading.


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