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The Importance Of Getting A Lightweight Wheelchair

Are you buying a wheelchair for a relative or friend who needs one? If your answer is yes, you might want to consider buying a lightweight wheelchair. In this article, we will discuss the importance of purchasing a wheelchair that is not that heavy, both for the patient and the people caring for them. Without further ado, let’s start:

Why buy a lightweight wheelchair

Light and portable wheelchairs are extremely useful and have demonstrated as a huge success. This is because they are providing people on wheelchairs and their attendants with a number of benefits to accomplish day to day activities quicker, easier and ultimately much more enjoyable. The single objective of a wheelchair is to provide the ability to move for people who have restricted movement. The best lightweight wheelchairs will have incomparable movement provided to its user.

The lightweight wheelchairs provide their users with more mobility than ever before, specifically for individuals who have an active way of life, such as those participating in physical activities or those who are traveling.

Up next, we will discuss the features that makes a lightweight wheelchair worth the money. Here they are in no particular order:

Easy transportation

Lightweight wheelchairs only weight around 9kg to 14kg. Because of that, they are far easier to lift up, control and move, in contrast to the normal chair that weighs in at about 20kg.

They usually are able to be easily folded away because of its light and portable aluminum material with space conserving style and can be stored in a small area inside vehicles. This makes them an easy way when you are transporting your patient or when you are traveling to distant places.

Retractable framework for wheelchair

Lightweight wheelchairs are extremely easy to transport on stairs because of their extremely light-weight construction and ease of mobility, which is the perfect choice for people who don’t need a wheelchair at all times. The wheelchair may be easily retracted or set up when required.

Furthermore, the actual functionality and mobility of the wheelchair on its own is considerably improved by its style and quality of the build. The light and portable wheelchair consists of customized larger wheels that are much better to turn, requiring less strength or energy to move.

Easier turning and maneuvering

Additionally, the lightweight variation is somewhat more reactive compared to the traditional wheelchair, providing the patient with much more precision when turning in confined places combined with the opportunity to be used in sports and regular activities. Although it is light, each and every style is assessed to assure faultless stability, smooth and sleek operation and convenience for the people using it.

Level of comfort

The level of comfort is also an essential part of a wheelchair, and the light and portable design of a lightweight wheelchair provides customers with the best convenience all the time. Additional cushioning could be incorporated with the seats, leg rests, as well as shock absorbers on the body of the wheelchair to make sure that the wheelchair is comfortable even on bumpy surfaces.

In addition, drink cases and lap racks can be linked to suit all personal needs and requirements of patients. Each and every plug in can be easily removed and kept for handy transportation.

Premium quality build

Just because a wheelchair is deemed as lightweight does not mean that it is not tough. The aluminum used in the production of lightweight wheelchairs can easily compare with the strength and durability of normal wheelchairs, ensuring a long lasting wheelchair that can endure the deterioration of a busy day to day operation.


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