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Mastering Motivation – Lessons In Creating Forever Change

Motivation has been defined as a process where goal-focused activities are initiated. Well, this is the textual definition of motivation. Motivation quite a powerful yet tricky beast. People can feel easily motivated as they hear something or read something that is really good. For instance, there are 100 motivational quotes that will help you succeed which gives quite a motivational to most of us. As you feel motivated you feel like you are wrapped in excitement. There are even times when you feel like it is really impossible to feel motivated and you end up wasting a lot of time procrastinating. This article is your guide to feel motivated and energetic all the time.

Scientifically motivation is something the drives us to do something. It is something psychological that compels us to do what we want to do. There are several misconceptions about motivation as well. The most common misconception about motivation is that it comes before we develop new behavior which is quite wrong. Moreover, active inspiration is a powerful way through which we feel motivated, not as we see any motivation video or song.

Motivation is often the result of our actions and the result thereafter. This is why there are two types of motivations that are positive motivation and negative motivation.

The following are some of the ways that we can use in order to keep ourselves motivated throughout the day.

  • Set Goals

Setting realistic goals is really important that you can do to keep yourself motivated all the time. You can make goals and make all your decisions so that you can act towards your goal. As you make small progress towards your goal you will feel motivated and happy. Goals are a really good way with which you can give direction to your focus and do hard work to achieve your goal.

  • Choose Goals That Are Interesting To You

This is really important that you choose a goal that seems really interesting. A goal that is interesting to you will keep you engaged and motivated all the time. You will be able to work towards that goal more actively and happily. You can choose something that you want genuinely rather than something that other people consider is good for you. You should listen to your heart and work toward achieving that goal with all your power.

  • Find Interesting Things Within The Boring Goals

There will be times when you would not get the change to set goals for yourself. This is where you try to find things that you feel are interesting to you in that goal. You can make that seemingly boring goal interesting as well. For instance, if you are not good at maths and you hate studying maths. You should try to keep telling your mind that studying math is going to help you in the future which is why it is really important to study.

  • Announce Your Goal Publically

This is really helpful for someone who easily dozes off from their goals. You should try to announce your goals publically. You can talk to your family or your friends so that they also know about your goal and can motivate you all along your journey. As you share your goal with your friends you will be able to go the extra mile in order to complete your goal.

  • Plot Your Progress

As you plot your progress you actually feel motivated. You can easily break your goal into small steps that you complete at regular intervals of time. This way you will be able to mark your progress over time and feel motivated with that. You can even try visuals and pictures to show how close you are to your goal or how far you have come from the start.

  • Break Up Your Goal Into Small Parts

As you break your goal into small parts you can easily manage your timeline. You can start with smaller and easier tasks and thereby moving to bigger and more time-consuming tasks. This is how you make your mind think that what you have to do is not that difficult and you can easily fulfill your goal.

  • Use Rewards

Rewards are really effective for long term goals. You should try to reward yourself every time you do something significant. You can easily keep yourself motivated with this. You will be able to make most out of your time like this as well. But you should make sure that you do not overdo this as you may end up wasting a lot of time like this.

  • Find A Partner

Finding a partner that has the same goal as you would help you a lot. You can share your experience with your partner and he or she can do the same. This way you will feel motivated all the time. Your partner can also help you with your tasks as well as he is doing the same thing. Moreover, encouragement from other people is a really big booster. You will feel really motivated as you get praised by your partner.

  • Money Is Not A Motivator

Money should never be seen as a motivator. When you try to make money your motivator it is bound to fail in the long run. Over time, you might not feel like doing something for money alone. This is why anything that you do should interest you.

  • Visualize The Result

This is a good motivator in every aspect. As you work towards a goal and you start with that, every time you visualize the result you will feel motivated and energetic always. This is why as you work towards your goal you should always visualize your final result all the time.

  • Get Organized

Keeping yourself organized all the time is also quite important. As you keep yourself organized you will feel a sense of calmness inside you. You will feel like everything is under control all the time which would give motivation to you.

These are all the ways that are going to help you in staying motivated all the time.


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