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Marketing Your Small Business with Minimal Budget

Order business cards. Make sure they include all pertinent information about your business such as a contact number, address, website, e-mail address, etc. Check around online, as there are many business card and stationery companies that can sell you business cards in bulk at a great price. VistaPrint usually has great specials on business cards. You can even print business cards at home if you have a color printer and a pc. You want to create as many business cards as your budget will allow, so you can take them around to local businesses, apartment complexes, laundromats, grocery stores, colleges — and leave a stack at each location (with permission of course).

Start a blog or website. If you don’t already have a blog or website — start one right away. Many people shop online and use the web on a daily basis. You’re missing out on a large chunk of traffic by not tapping into the potential of marketing your small business on the web. If you don’t have the cash in your budget to invest in purchasing a domain and hosting, start a free blog. Blogger is a great tool for blogging. It’s free, easy to navigate and you can have your blog up and running withing minutes. You can post about sales, specials — even alert potential customers of new coupons, giveaways, promotions, etc. Give potential customers an incentive for shopping with you by offering special discounts for people who register on your blog.

Use social marketing to get the word out about your business. Social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are great outlets for marketing your small business. Best of all, these sites are also free ways to market and promote your business. You can use Myspace to post bulletins to all of your friends about upcoming sales, promotions and new products and/or services. You can use Facebook to send newsletters to all of your friends and family about your business, coupons, discounts and more. Use Twitter to send out tweets to all of your followers, letting them know about product releases, coupon codes — even tweet about upcoming ideas and visions for your business. You’d be surprised how many of your customers have input and feedback that may actually be helpful to the growth of your business.

Place classified ads both online and in print. Classified ads are one of the most effective ways of getting notices and information about your business to the public. Whether online or print classified ads, many people frequent these ads in search of great deals, sales, services, etc. A wonderful, free method for placing classified ads is Craigslist. Craigslist is a website where you can place classified ads advertising your products or services. A plus to using Craigslist is that if your business can be delivered nationwide, or is not just limited to your local area, you are able to place classified ads in many cities around the nation to market your business. Posting ads in newspapers is another good method for posting classified ads as well. Check with your local newspaper to find out pricing for classified ads. SEO Services Help You Increase Organic Google Rankings without advertisements to increase the traffic. All the services should be evaluated properly through the person. The picking of the best should be done. 

Market your business in your e-mail/forum posting signature. If you’re an active member on any blogs or forums and you visit and post regularly, include a signature at the end of all of your post. Make sure your signature includes your name and a link to your business’s website or blog. If you don’t have an online presence (I strongly suggest that you have a blog or website if possible), include a phone number or address. This is just another free way to get some additional exposure and help get targeted visitors to your establishment.

Use these tips to effectively get a boost in your sales by marketing your small business.


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