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Interesting Facts About The History Of Gucci Handbags

Gucci is one of the most high-end, expensive and popular fashion brans in the industry. The success of this brand is continuously evident nowadays. But just like any other brands, Gucci has also its own history. Hence, if you are a big fan of this giant brand, you may be interested in getting to know more about Gucci, and see how this brand makes it to the top. So let us first know and understand the history of Gucci.

Gucci, one of the leading fashion brands today was founded in the year 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a leather luggage or goods outlet located in Florence, Italy. A lot of the clients of the store were aristocrats who demand for riding gear in the store. This allowed Gucci to develop its wholly owned Horsebit icon and other equestrian origin symbols. From that, Gucci was able to understand how much the world of horses meant to the privileged and rich. This provided him an idea on how he could grow his business.

Moreover, in the reign or Mussolini, materials are quite expensive and so Gucci started using some innovative items and resource son his vintage Gucci handbags like hemp, canvas and jute to make luggage and handbags. These resources are still being used in the creation of luxury clothing, handbags and luggage.

Consequently, in 1994, Gucci hired his first creative director named Tom Ford. By providing his fascinating and innovative ideas to Gucci, the sales of his items or products had increased by almost 100%. Since then, Gucci joined an alliance with Pinault-PrintempsRedoute or also known as Kering. This served as the foundation of transforming Gucci from a single brand into a multi-brand luxury group. Domico De Sole and Tom ford founded the Gucci Group under the subsidiary of Kering.

In January 2015, the creative director of the giant brand company was Alessandro Michelle. Gucci then continues to be the leading brand in the realm of luxury goods and fashion. The unique designs, materials mix and detailed prints make the brand popular and highly marketed across the globe. Gucci is also recognized because of the quality and unique materials that it used. From bamboo, to canvas, to hemp, to pigskin, Gucci takes the lead in providing unique materials in the fashion world.

Gucci also operates about 300 operated stores across the globe. According to 2013 audit, the company was valued at around 12.2 USD and according to Forbe’s world’s most valuable brands list, Gucci is the 38th in the rank.

Nowadays, bags are more than just a fashion item, hence, they are already a status and social symbol. Hence, for a lot of people, the more expensive the bag is, the more thrilling it is to buy. With quality and unique materials used in the production of their bags, it is no doubt that the price of their bags would always be very high and costly. If you see this review about Gucci, you’ll certainly realize that Gucci bags are not ordinary bags. It only caters to those people who can afford to buy luxury bags.

Generally, just like any other businesses, Gucci started as a small company and through innovation and collaboration of great minds, it has become a giant fashion brand in the industry.


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