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How To Make Your Contour Lighter (And Better) In Easy Ways

The internet nowadays is so full with makeup tutorials that it is quite fascinating how many beauty experts there are out there. These experts share their very own take on how makeup is applied and teaches their techniques to achieve those stunning looks. Thus, this is not a bad thing; in fact, this quite suitable since you will never run out of reference for your next makeup session. Also, these pro techniques are available to anyone, so hooray for makeup!

One thing that most makeup artists and beginners have trouble with is on how to do contouring. Back then, this is the hip trend that is only reserved for fancy photo shoots and catwalk models. Today, pretty much anyone can do this and has become a part of their daily routine.

What Really Is Contouring?

Contouring, in its fundamental essence, is to give shape to a particular area of the face or body to enhance its structure with the help of makeup. A high contour does not need to be eye-catching, it just needs to be faint to give that best effect. People may think of contouring as only limited on the face, but in reality, some makeup artists too can contour pretty much anybody parts that the client wants. Body parts such as the stomach, the chest, and collarbone can be “contoured” to give them more definition.

So, How Do We Make It Lighter?

First of all, contouring will have its best effect if applied in a light manner depending on the skin tone and the kind of product we use. Here are a few ways on how can we get the best effect of contouring for any occasion.

  • The Right Shade and Texture Matters – These two aspects, the right shade, and texture is primarily the key to have that best-looking contour. It is essential to take note that when choosing your contouring product, you should always choose one that is not more than two colors deeper than your skin tone. It is also advised that if you have a light complexion, your best bets are grayish browns and taupe color. However, if you have darker skin, choose warmer colors instead.
  • Do not Overdo It – One can able to contour their face if they do so, yet it is not advisable. Having less contouring is sometimes much better than looking like a cartoon character ripped straight out of a comic book. Just focus on these focal points: Your cheeks, jawline, nose, and forehead. Proper contouring won’t change your face, it will only add some definition on it, or should I say give that illusion that your look is much more defined than usual.
  • Avoid Products that are glossy or shimmers – Contouring is adding depth to some parts of your face, and that is by the use of flat products. Using products that shimmer breaks that illusion and will do the exact opposite of your desired effect.
  • Add balance to it by using highlighters, blush, and eye makeup – For this, placement of these products can either make your desired effect or break it down into something undesirable. Using highlighters, highlight those areas where out want to stand out, like underneath your eyes and on top of your cheekbones. Also, use eye makeup to enhance the contours of your eyes. I mean, you don’t want everybody to miss those beautiful eyes of yours.


Proper application of makeup can either bring out the best of you or turn your face into something cartoonish. With those tips mentioned above, you can guarantee that you can have subtle contouring yet can show out the best features of your entire face.

Those techniques mentioned above can be applied to other parts of the body too, like the collarbone mentioned above, chest, and stomach. If you wish to dump the makeup and have a real “contour” over your belly, as well as losing some of its fats, then Contour Light is for you. It is an excellent treatment that requires no surgery and has no side effects whatsoever. For best prices of Contour Light Treatment, you can just easily search it online. Who knows, maybe there is one clinic out there that offers Contour Light near you.


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