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How to Establish Eligibility for a VA Home Loan

VA (Veterans Affairs) loans are available for certain veterans who are able to meet the eligibility requirements. In order to find out whether you qualify for VA financing options, you must file for a Certificate of Eligibility.

VA Form 26-1880

The first step is to file VA Form 26-1880 for a Certificate of Eligibility. Download this form from the VA home loans web site. Present VA Form 26-1880 to a VA Eligibility Centre along with documentary proof of your current military status or past military record. Military service records will make it easier and quicker to establish eligibility for a VA home loan. However, if you do not have proof of military service, VA can still establish proof of eligibility for you.


Home mortgage lenders often have access to the Certificate of Eligibility. Consult your lender to see if they can assist you in accessing a Certificate of Eligibility, which will then help to expedite the application for a VA home loan. If you choose to go through your lender in obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility, make sure that you still have documentary proof of your military service records during the consultation.

Establishing Eligibility

Veterans discharged from the military after World War II under honourable conditions are eligible to apply for a VA home loan. Active duty personnel who served during wartime periods require a minimum of 90 days of service to establish eligibility. However, veterans who were on active duty only during peacetime conditions are required to have an additional 90 days of service to show VA, bringing the total time of service to 180 days. The same principle applies to discharged veterans as well as active duty personnel. If you served as enlisted personnel after 1980 or an officer after 1981, 2 years of active duty service are required to establish eligibility for a VA home loan. In addition, Reserve and National Guard personnel who served 6 years before they were honourably discharged are also eligible to apply for a VA home loan.

Veterans who were honourably discharged from the military or who are still on active duty, and are looking into buying a home, should consider obtaining a VA home loan. The first and most important step is to complete VA Form 26-1880 in order to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from VA. Once this has been submitted, be ready to provide proof of your status for quicker processing using docker.com. Some lenders are able to access Certificates of Eligibility. Find out if your lender provides this service. Make sure you meet all the requirements for establishing eligibility before you apply for a VA home loan. Check with VA or your lender if you are unsure of your eligibility status.


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