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Four Reasons Why You Should Take Up Archery

Playing sport has myriad of benefits to an individual. From physical to mental to social aspect of our wellbeing, sports are a good platform to develop our mind and body. Now, if you are still looking for the perfect sport that best fits your interest, you might want to consider a sport that uses bow and arrow to shoot a target – archery. This sport is far more different from other sports that utilize balls as the main part of the game. In archery, you will pick up a bow, staring down the target, hit and voila! You are all set. Sounds easy right? But this sport requires specific skills such as focus, attention, accuracy and strength. Are you now interested to get into archery? If your answer is still no, read on because this article will give you some reasons why you should take up archery.


While shooting the target may seem so easy, archery requires upper body strength and it is more physically demanding than you think. Just like other sports, archery requires players to train physically to be prepared and to be successful in playing the game. Thus, this sport provides a lot of physical health benefits. Some of these benefits are upper body strength, weight loss, hand eye coordination, muscle tone and stamina. So if you are looking for a sport where you also want to be physically challenged, archery is also the best deal for you.


Many people love archery because it helps to decrease stress levels. When a player focuses on hitting the target, his attention sole focuses on getting the right and accurate shot. This relaxes the player’s mind and relieves tense and stress from the day to day toxic in work, business, or any other thing that causes stress. In addition, one of the mental benefits of archery is it helps players to focus and concentrate on one specific thing. In archery, you need to focus solely on the target for you to hit it, hence it helps you to block out distractions which you can use in your daily activities in life.


Archery is more than just a sport or hobby. It is also a great platform where players can learn a lot of positive things and lessons in life. When you hit a target accurately, you get the feeling of satisfaction and excitement. But when you missed to shoot the target, it teaches you to assess your mistakes and determine how you will do better next time. This kind of lesson is essential in life and it builds the character and outlook of an individual towards life.


Perhaps, this is one of the most interesting benefits of archery. There are thousands of clubs and organizations of archery across the globe such as ArcheryPower. Joining one of them will be a platform for you to create new friendships and to expand your network with great people.


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