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Five Cool Lighting Fixtures

There are a number of lighting fixtures to choose from when you are choosing lighting for your home or office. Depending on the type of atmosphere you’d like to create and the lighting needs you have, you can choose from a wide variety of unique lighting fixtures. With the use of a rheostat switch you can turn an ordinary light fixture into classy, romantic subdued lighting or with the use of a sensor switch you can control length of time a light stays on turning any light into a cool lighting fixture.

Staying on Track

Track lighting is a great way to accent dark corners of any space where you would like indirect lighting and want to illuminate the room. Track lighting fixtures are very economical and use small LED light bulbs or a reflective covering inside the housing so that it uses reflection to distribute the light. It produces little to no heat which makes it a great choice for lighting fixtures in the kitchen or living room.

Hanging Around

Pendant lighting is a very popular lighting accessory that brings the light as close as you need to the area you wish to illuminate. Pendant light fixtures can help tie any décor together as there are many sizes, shapes and colors of globe shades that can be installed into any ballast. For instance, if you are using a ceiling fan with a light kit in a study or office setting you may want to have more direct lighting over a desk or table where work is being done without taking away from the ambiance of the total room.

Hidden Away

Recessed lighting is a light fixture that is a receptacle usually installed in the ceiling and can be used as bright direct lighting. The use of recessed fixtures helps direct light to the space around the fixture and only casts light in that space. Depending upon the number of fixtures installed recessed lights can produce a lot of heat quickly and can be troublesome to change the bulb if you are not nimble with a ladder.

Budget Lighting

If you are on a budget as many consumers are these days, there are equally appealing options for budget lighting fixtures to choose from. There are many great types of ballast available that cater to all budgets and styles ranging in height from low reading level to tall ambient soft room lighting. Some wall fixtures come with an option to be hard wired into the wall or a plugged directly into an outlet.

Au Natural

Natural light sources are the ultimate in free lighting. Although costs can get a little high, the light will never need electricity. Even if your room is not the best place for a skylight, smaller solar tube skylights can affordably direct natural light around plumbing pipes and wires with ease.

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