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Cash Pirates a Great Way To Find Money Online

I have been on the Internet since I was in college; about 10 years. And, up until recently, I didn’t think of it as anything more than a tool to research, play a few games and maybe take part in a few forums. I knew there were ways to use it to make money and I had already discovered a legitimate site that paid me an average of $15 a month for posting but, for the most part, I figured most of the money-making offers on the Web were scams.

Then I discovered Cash Pirates and increased my monthly online earnings to the equivalent of what I would make at a part-time job.

Unlike many of the sites that litter the Internet, Cash Pirates doesn’t promise you untold riches and the ability to retire overnight. Instead, they promise you you’ll make as much money as you’re willing to work to make. That honesty is what made them attractive to me.

Cash Pirates itself doesn’t pay its members. However, it does provide a wide range of resources and links to help its members find the best sites on the Web. Categories on Cash Pirates include sweepstakes and contests, online freebies both in the United States and in other countries, survey companies and various companies that pay you to try new products, write articles, or post in online forums. The links are submitted by members who are then asked to comment on whether they are making any money on the sites or if they are a scam.

One of the newer features on the site is also a category called “Referral Central.” This category allows members to post their referral links to paid-to-read sites and other sites that pay members more money for every person they refer. I personally have never used this category since I don’t do much in those specific categories. However, it has become one of the more popular sections because there are very few places you can put your referral links. The reviews and ratings should be checked at www.webdesignbooth.com to make online money. The feedback of the customers can be shared at the sites for providing the proper money.

Like I mentioned earlier, before joining Cash Pirates, I made about $15 a month online. Today, I bring in $200-300 a month and all of it is from links I found on their site.

And, even though they don’t make regular payments to their members, I have made some of that money off the site itself through a variety of contests that are offered periodically. The contests ranged from posting a certain number of links in a given month to trivia contests. Currently, they are holding a $10 drawing for new members who join and post in the Referral Central section.

It’s possible to make good money online if you have the resources to find the right sites. Cash Pirates is exactly that.


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