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Brilliant Tech Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother’s Day

If your mom or wife is a technology enthusiast, you probably already know what tech gift she wants. (In which case, you should go ask her!)

If she isn’t, though, she probably doesn’t want something with the maximum number of gigahertz. Instead, she might appreciate a gadget that can help her have fun and get things done in her day-to-day life. Here are my top suggestions for tech gifts for moms, and you can probably get them from https://www.dfydaily.com/ today.:

The iPad 2

If there was ever an iconic tech gadget, the iPad is it! It’s the fastest-selling gadget ever, beating out even DVD players. Technology enthusiasts like me are often confused by it, since it isn’t as “powerful” as our favorite gadgets. But its clean, simple multitouch screen makes it a joy to use, and each of its 65,000 apps is a separate reason to buy an iPad. (It can also use iPhone apps, although they don’t look as nice on it.)

What apps are there? Besides the obvious (games and iWork), there are cookbook apps like Epicurious, and social networking apps that make Facebook- and Twitter-ing a joy. And if the kids want to give it a try, she can let them play with the iPad’s educational apps — perhaps even the same ones that they use at school!


If you buy your mom or wife an iPad 2, be sure to also pick up a Smart Cover in her favorite color. This accessory will let her prop it up for typing or watching movies, as well as keep the screen surface protected. The iPad 2 is hard to come by, though, so if you absolutely can’t find one you might be able to buy an original iPad for cheaper.

Resist the temptation to pick up a no-name tablet instead, unless you already know it’s what she wants — most other tablets run the Android operating system, which has very few apps designed for tablets.

The Nintendo DS

The DS may be a game console, but it’s also the most accessible to non-gamers. If your mom or your wife is a Pokemon fan, she probably already has one; but if not, she might enjoy Nintendo’s titles from the Touch Generations line, which includes addictive games like Picross 3d (sort of like 3d Sudoku) as well as titles like Art Academy and America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking. These titles are fun ways to learn new skills, and even get the whole family involved in choosing and preparing meals.

The Nintendo DS comes in three models: The DS Lite, which is the classiest and most pocketable; the DSi, which has a built-in camera; and the DSi XL, which has a deluxe-sized chassis and touchscreen. The larger models are more expensive, so plan accordingly! All of them come with a plastic stylus, for tapping on-screen buttons or drawing on the touchscreen, as well as a microphone that lets you interact with certain DS titles by talking to them.


A new model, called the Nintendo 3DS, is also available. Be sure that it’s what she wants, though, as the 3D effect can be disorienting to some people.

The Barnes and Noble Nook Color

If she’s a reader, why not get her “The Reader’s Tablet?” It’s half the price and half the size of the iPad 2, which means that it’s more affordable and easier to hold for long periods of time. Plus she’ll be able to buy books and magazines from Barnes and Noble’s online store, including childrens’ books that read themselves and have animated effects.

The Nook Color also works as a first-class Internet tablet, with a sharp multitouch screen and a “text reflow” feature that makes zoomed-in text fit the screen’s width. Throw in games like Sudoku, plus Pandora Internet radio and an upcoming app market, and you begin to see why people are talking about it. You can even upgrade it to a full-fledged Android 3.0 tablet by following instructions online.

Whatever gifts you get for your mom or wife, I hope she has a happy Mother’s Day!


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