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Bissell Cleanview II Upright Bagless Vacuum Review

I first purchased my Bissell Cleanview II, model 35766, upright vacuum back in 1996. What prompted me to purchase this vacuum was, first the price of $79.00, which fit into my tight budget, where as, the higher end, higher priced ones did not. Second, the feature of being a bagless vacuum, and having to deal no more with dirty bags. The Bissell Cleanview II does come with a one year limited manufacturer warranty, but I always opt for the store warranty as well, for added security. I honestly, did not expect much from a vacuum which was priced at $79.00, but over all, I am impressed.

The assembly of the Bissell Cleanview II was easy, just one screw to attach the handle to the base, and attach the hose. This vacuum is light weight, easy to maneuver, has a wide bright lamp in front, as well as a wide cleaning path with dual suction on each side, for edge cleaning. It has seven different height adjustments, for cleaning bare floors to plush carpeting. There is also a turbo brush attachment, which is great for curtains, sofas, and recliners. It also works great in brushing your pet, it lifts the hair gently up from their back, removing the loose hair, without a mess. This vacuum comes with a flex hose, which is easily stretched to 5 feet. The only disadvantage is, when stretching this hose, the vacuum tends to follow you.The Bissell Cleanview II has two attachments, which measure about 11 inches each, allowing you to reach to 6 plus feet with the hose, so, if your short like me, it makes cleaning the ceiling and the edges a breeze. The tapered tool is great for under cabinets, couches and hard to reach spots. The long cord, allows me to vacuum from the living room to halls, and partially into the bedroom without unplugging, roughly about 16 feet.

The bagless canister feature is nice. It is easy to remove, one slide of the blue bar to the right, and lift up and out. Easy no mess disposal of hair and dirt. The bottom quarter of the canister detaches for cleaning as well. Here you will find a foam rubber filter which catches fine particles, you can remove this filter, and clean with warm water, just let dry, and replace. On the side of the vacuum is a hepa filter, which detaches easily as well, and the cost to replace is only $9.99.

Being I do have a pet who sheds allot, I vacuum twice a day during the warmer months. This 12 amp vacuum has great power for the size. When I purchased my Bissell, I opted for the store warranty for extra security, and having not to deal with shipping to manufacturer if my vacuum breaks, is one less headache. The cost was $4.00 for 3 years. I just recently had to replace my Bissell, due to suction power loss. I contribute this to more frequent vacuuming, and the stray sock from under the bed, which found its way into the vacuum front. I had the option to upscale, but I declined as I am very happy with my Bissell Cleanview II. Overall, for the price, the quality of the vacuum is great. On a scale from 1 to 5, I give this vacuum a 4. If you are on a budget, this vacuum will serve you well, as will the cost of saving on bags.

Try it out for yourself and I can guarantee that it will emerge from any staubsauger testsieger (german for vacuum cleaner test winner) with flying colors alongwith lots of other benefits.


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