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9 Awesomely Helpful Cleaning Tips

As people shop around for cheap cleaning supplies in order to clean their houses in the best possible ways. We are here with some of the best and useful cleaning tips that you can follow so that you can get a clean, organized, and fresh home in your budget.

  • Laundry bags
    A laundry bag is one of the handiest and useful things that you can find in your house. You can use these bags to wash your delicates or you can even use them in a dishwasher as well. While using the dishwasher you can just put the small and delicate items in a laundry bag and wash them without a worry. This is another great way of washing your kids’ toys as well, as this not only cleans the toys but also sanitizes them.
  • Chalks
    If you ever come across some oily or greasy stain, then in order to get rid of that all you need is a piece of chalk and cleaning cloth. As you detect an oily stain you start the cleaning process by rubbing the chalk on that area and all you need to do is wait for a few minutes and clean the area with the help of a damp cloth. If you do not have chalk with you, you can even use baby powder or cornstarch as well.
  • Aluminum Foil Dryer balls
    This is a cheap and effective method that you can use for dryer sheets. All you need is to drop two aluminum balls as you dry your next washing load. In order to make these balls, you need about 2 feet of aluminum foil and then fold it into the size of a tennis ball. Thereafter, you just have to drop these balls into your next load. These aluminum balls are going to help you get rid of the static cling and dryer sheets. Moreover, there is no residual smell as well.

  • Silica Gel packs
    You might find a lot of silica gel packs as you get stuff. You should never throw them away as they are quite useful and handy in many things. These packets are capable of sucking in the moisture that is there in the atmosphere. You can use them in various things such as keeping them in your travel luggage to make it moisture and smell free or you can even use these packets to protect your silver jewelry from corrosion and tarnish.
  • Shower Curtain Rod Bottle holder
    This is a really handy and useful way with which you can organize and manage your bathroom items. You can get a shower curtain rod for about 10$ and along with that, you get a uniques storage solution that you can use to store all your bathroom products efficiently.
  • Drying out the toilet brush
    This is an effective and handy way in which you can dry out your toilet brush after its use. After you are done scrubbing your toilet, you can just keep the brush under the toilet seat to let it dry. Instead of putting your brush in the toilet brush holder you can use this method.
  • Drying things with the help of rice
    If you live in a humid area, all you need is rice as a drying agent. For all those people that have sticky hands and sweat a little too much can use this trick to keep their clothes free from any moisture. All you need to do is to put a sachet of rice in your clothing and wait for it to absorb the moisture out of it. This is also a handy way of absorbing moisture from electronic gadgets.
  • Getting rid of pet hairs
    If you have pets in your home then pet hairs are a big issue for you. All you need is Squeegee. This is a simple and cheap tool that you can buy in order to clean your carpets and curtain. You just have to stroke the area that you want to clean and Squeegee will do all the cleaning for you.
  • Using newspaper to get rid of odor from garbage
    This is quite an effective way with which you can get rid of the nasty smell that you get from the garbage. You just have to crumple up some newspaper in your dustbin and the newspaper will absorb all the moisture and odor from that.


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