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Wrestling Mark News: Wrestlemania – Undertaker Barely Remains Unbeaten

In a clash of titans where each man acted like they couldn’t afford to lose, Undertaker outlasted and beat Triple H to remain undefeated at WrestleMania. But the price he paid remains to be seen. If you happen to read all about bein Wikipedia, you would know a lot about the events that went down at the match.

The match was a nearly 30-minute bate of counters, reversals and will, starting when Undertaker grabbed Triple H by the head and threw him over the top rope and out of the ring.Undertaker thought about getting Triple H on the Spanish announcer’s table, but The Game drove Taker into Michael Cole’s abandoned broadcast cube. Tripe H lured Taker back into the ring only to clothesline him back out and toss him into the barriers. He tried to Pedigree Taker into the announcer’s table, but Taker threw him over his shoulder back to the floor. After Triple H avoided a possible Tombstone, he tried to make a flying lunge but Triple H turned it into a scoop slam into the Spanish table.

Once they both got back in the ring, however, Taker delivered a big choke slam, but Triple H still kicked out of the cover. Triple H avoided the Last Ride and tried to turn it into a Pedigree. Taker countered that into a Snake Eyes slam into the turnbuckle, but Triple H countered the clothesline into a spinebuster.

When Taker kicked out from that, Triple H brought a chair into the ring. Taker kicked it away and then used the chair on Triple H multiple times. Triple H fought back and finally got the Pedigree, and yet Taker kicked out again. Then Taker countered Triple H’s move to the corner with the Last Ride; Triple H still kicked out. That’s when Taker went to the Tombstone piledriver, but that wouldn’t keep him down either. He tried to Tombstone him onto the chair, but Triple H countered it into a DDT onto the chair. He couldn’t go for an immediate cover, so he eventually went to a second and a third Pedigree; Taker kicked out from both individually.

That drove Triple H to go back to the chair and hit him several times in the back. When he wouldn’t stay down, Triple H waited until he got to his feet and hit him in the head. He then cried for Taker to stay down, shrugged off a choke slam attempt, and actually hit his own Tombstone, but Taker still wouldn’t stay down. So Triple H went under the ring and got the sledgehammer that he has used so often.

But before he could use it, Taker put him in the Hell’s Gate submission hold. Triple H fought it as long as he could and even tried to grab the hammer again, but he finally tapped out.

Despite the loss, Triple H was the only one able to walk out. Undertaker, who is now 19-0 at WrestleMania had to be carried out on a motorized cart.


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