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Which Celebrities Have Undergone Plastic Surgery?

As much as we are advised not to idolize television figures, it is almost impossible not too. While being bombarded with their gorgeous faces and impeccable physiques twenty four hours of the day, seven days of the week. Whether they have just given birth to quintuplets or just reached the legal age they all seem to be in the best of health, physical fitness, glowing skin, perfect height with a full head of hair, not even a strand of split end. We do all the things they profess to do, eat all the healthy foods they eat, read of all their hidden secrets to gain such gorgeous outer qualities and yet we look nothing similar to them. Then we ask ourselves, wait a minute is he or she all natural or have they had a few nips and tucks here and there? 

Some celebrities, as reported on the Entertainment Channel, admittedly disclosed that they had undergone enhancements for one reason or the other. Canadian born Pamela Anderson of Bay watch and Omerosa of The Apprentice were a few of such celebrities that had no problem admitting what they have gotten done. The latter, actually allowed The Discovery Channel to document her breast augmentation surgery which increased her from a B to a C cup size. This, she said was one of the free perks she was offered after becoming famous from her controversial role on Donald Trump’s Apprentice. Having fuller breasts allowed her to feel more confident and comfortable as woman. Another such celebrity was Adrian Curry from Cycle One of America’s Next Top Model. Hers was done as she explained, due to her then imbalanced breasts that were a result of a miscarriage. 




For all the praises artificial breast augmentations have received, there were also an equal or greater amount of dissatisfaction, regret and resentment expressed by some of its subjects. They were many reports of scar tissue, one breast being soft while the other hard, as well as general breast hardening. Nicole Eggert of Bay watch, Kimberley Stewart daughter of Rod Stewart, all expressed issues with breast implants to the point that they felt their health was being adversely affected. Tara Reid in an effort to reinvigorate her career had breast implants done and this left her with uneven breasts and a lumpy stomach. Which were later corrected by another surgeon. Plastic Surgery has also hindered some celebrities careers. Jennifer Gray, who was made famous for her role in Dirty Dancing was one such celebrity who after plastic surgery was completely unrecognizable which hindered her marketability. Comedian Kathy Griffin, also had her share when she landed in the Emergency Room after having liposuction in the legs. 

On the contrary, not all of Hollywood thought bigger was better. Many of these famous women also opted to reduce their naturally large breasts. Among such women are Queen Latifah, Soleil Moon Frye aka Punkie Brewster and Drew Barrymore. While some celebrities are very open about their surgeries such as Joan Rivers, there are a great many that love to keep us speculating. Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan are a couple of those that simply said it was life that happened. Understandably, these teen stars grew up in front of our very eyes and we all know what happens during the stages of Puberty. Hilary Duff admitted to having Dental Veneers while Jessica was alleged as taking Lip plumper medication to make her lips fuller. We are yet still left to guess if Ashley Simpson woke up one fine morning with a beautifully aligned nose that was not present once upon a time.



Maybe it is only young Hollywood obsessed with this fad? Not necessarily! As previously mentioned, Joan Rivers is very opened and even jokes about the numerous amount of nip/tucks she’s had done for  Looking for Plastic Surgeon doctors in Michigan because she was suffering from fewer skin problems which she can’t tolerate. Jane Fonda admitted to having implants done back in the eighty’s but later had them removed. Supermodel Janice Dickenson proudly declares that everything she has is fake this ranges from her hair, nails, breast and even teeth.This, I have to admit gave me a good chuckle. Another, Sharon Osborne says she has had work done on her eye, nose, breasts and a tummy tuck. 

There are still others that admitted to having enhancements done due to medical reasons. Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are a few such that had work done on their nose for medical purposes. 

We have all heard about botox. This product has extended from the rich and famous to many of the average Jane and Joe’s. Botox was first used to remove wrinkles from the facial area. However, alot of celebrities have had this product used on them, under the arms to decrease sweating. Omorosa was one such celebrity to have this procedure done. There is also Snake Oil and derivatives of Snake Venom which is alleged to create a more youthful appearance. As you would imagine, these products do not come cheaply. It costs a few thousands for a couple of ounces of this product. So beauty definitely does not come CHEAP! 


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