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Where To Go For An Amazing Bikini Wax In New York City

It became painfully obvious to me that I would have to get a bikini wax in order to fiercely wear that brand new low rise string bikini I had ordered online. So I searched the web for spas in New York City that would leave me feeling Hollywood chic and ready to show off my stuff in DR, but without the Hollywood prices so that I would actually have money to eat once I got there.

I came upon a menu for Avanti Nail  amp; Spa on W. 86th street. I was first intrigued by the amount of services offered by this spa, and nonetheless impressed with its location. I was further enthralled by the prices for waxing and nail care services. I immediately booked myself an early appointment to get a $17 bikini wax. I knew that the combination of services, location and prices would mean crowds, crowds, crowds. And I wanted to beat them there.

The New York City Spa experience can often be far from relaxing. You have to deal with mothers and their young children, high power executives on their cell phones, and picky indecisive patrons arguing about the color of their nails – which they picked themselves. So I was extremely pleased when I arrived at the quaint little spa so nicely tucked away under scaffolding for the building that towers it. There were customers, but no crowds. There were executives, but no cell phones. There was also a cornucopia of nail polish colors to choose from, including brands that ranged from O.P.I to Kiss. Some women were receiving chair massages while getting manicures, others were getting pedicures to be followed by facials. The spa offers many different skin, nail, massage and waxing services.

After being warmly greeted by several of the employees and waiting in the warm reception area for about a minute I was taken into a back room where my much dreaded bikin wax was going to be performed. It looked like a normal waxing room. It had a table for me to lay on, another table where all the tools and utensils were kept, and hooks for my clothing. But as soon as the door opened and Nina, my specialist, came in, it transformed into the BMW of what could be desired from a very first bikini waxing experience. I had the choice of using a conventional or ultra-sensitive wax (which I went with because a first timer never wants to take any chances). The anticipation of the pain was also eased by the very personal and comforting conversation offered by the specialist about her family, my career, and our hobbies and interests. I left feeling very relaxed, eased and happy that there were no first time fumbles (mainly because I was the first timer and didn’t have to do anything but lay there).

So Avanti Nail  amp; Spa was nice, but what about the actual wax? No irritation. I go back there whenever I need a bikini wax.Sometimes I take friends. I even made time in my schedule one day to settle down for what I considered to be one of the most relaxing and tantalizing back massages I’ve ever received. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll even consider going Brazilian. For $50 why not! The reviews of the trockenrasierer can be checked before purchasing of the product. Proper knowledge will be provided for the use of the product for bikni waxing.


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