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Whatsapp- How Does It Make A Profit For Their Revenue?

Whatsapp is the social platform on which you can chat with people by texting, calling, and video calling or by sending them your pictures or videos. This is the best and most popular platform that almost every person on the earth is using. The top-notch question that arises in the mind is how the whatsapp services earn money. It is simple, as every person who designed the app comes with one motive that is to earn money. Without this motive, the creation of the application is a wastage of money. Whatsapp also earns lots of money, and this is because of the users. The number of users increases on the whatsapp will result in the number of revenue increased of whatsapp. The service of whatsapp created the app form, which you can instantly send free messages to the people you love. The company earns lots of money by the people who use the app, and recently Facebook as bought the whole whatsapp. It is the strategy that helps in earning more revenue. You will also get to learn how to make money using WhatsApp further in the article. This service does not want to throw advertisements in it because people will be going to hate that. That is why they come up with the annual plan in which users have to pay one dollar for the subscription. Is it cheaper right? But imagine how much users will be there who are willing to pay one dollar for the service. 

This is the masterstroke played by the company so that they can keep their users happy by not displaying advertisements and by charging they little amount of money. 

What are the ways in which whatsapp makes lots of money? 

There is no negative side of the whatsapp, and still, whatsapp makes money that is a good sign. People love these kinds of services in which they do not need to invest much, and in return, they will get a lot of money. There are many things, or we can say, strategies that whatsapp uses for generating money in their account. Here are some ways for you- 

  1. Subscription- This is the topmost way that whatsapp uses in order to make money. You have noticed that there are lots of applications that you can download, but only if you pay for it. That application charges more money than expected, and here whatsapp plays a good role. The application can be bought at such a low price that it will not be going even to shake your pocket. You can easily use the online services from where you can buy the application. 
  2. Users- The number of users using the service results in the making of money. The service knows the way to attract users like providing them the app easily on the app store. Users do not need to face issues while downloading and using the app; that is why the number of users is increasing. These are the criteria of online services that they get to earn money by the users themselves. The users do not need to pay them, but they need to use their services instead. 
  3. In-app purchases- There are applications that can be downloaded for free, but on the other hand, you have to pay for the inside features. There are lots of features in the whatsapp for which you have to pay for it. This trick is used by various other services those who offer different applications for download. You can download without paying a single penny, and whatsapp will still be going to earn money. 
  4. Advertisements- As we know that your favorite application telecast advertisements in between this are very annoying. At that moment, whatsapp services use their mind and abilities to provide the application that will be loved by most of the users. This application won’t be going to display advertisements in between that will be the best part about this. You will never have to face issues while using the app, and thus the service will earn lots of revenues. 
  5. Sharing- There is a sharing option in the app that you can use to share the application with your friends. It is also the clever as well as wise step whatsapp has taken in order to make money. They have created or designed the app in a way that you will definitely be going to love this and ask your friends to download it. You will try to make their work easy by sharing them with the link to download the application. Even that link also plays an essential part in the whatsapp in making money. 
  6. Emojis- Users can express their views and what will be more fun than that. The ultimate aim of the company is to increase the number of users, or we can say, followers. It is because the users are the only one that will help in enhancing the profit. Whatsapp services will be going to make lots of money if the number of users is going to be increased drastically. This is the way to enhance the creativity in the app by which people are more likely to join the company.  

These are some of the ways in which whatsapp easily get to attract people towards it. There are many other social networking apps, but still, whatsapp is on the top because of these reasons.  

Winding up lines needs to be discussed 

It is easy to download and use the application like whatsapp as all you need to do is open up the app store in your smart-phone. Whatsapp is also a very huge service, and earning lots of revenue is obvious for them. They do not need to show the advertisements in the application, and this is the most essential part of increasing the number of users. Service is always available and free to use as you just need to have a high-speed internet connection for better performance. 

Thus, in a nutshell, it is concluded that whatsapp can make a lot more money than you can imagine because recently the services have tied up with various other big companies. 


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