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What Is The Significant Difference In The EXT Port And USB Port In The Ps4 Controller?

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays, and with the advancement of technology, various modern-generation gaming consoles are now available in the market to enhance your gaming experience. Play Station 4 is the most popular and widely used gaming console all over that world and is developed by Sony entertainment. Play Station 4 is the latest model of this console and is fully packed with fantastic features and unique technology. The wireless controllers act as the cherry on the cake as the manufacturers have given an Ext port on the controller to charge it.

Ext port is the latest port available for PlayStation 4 and is used to charge it without a USB cable. Adding to it, the users can also attach a keyboard with the Ext port and enjoy different astonishing games. The producers have replaced the USB port with the Ext port, but in reality, both ports have their advantages and downfalls. Let’s have a look at the major pros and cons of USB port and Ext port in the PlayStation 4 controller.

Top reasons to use the PS4 controllers with an Ext port

Fast charging

If you are a gamer by heart, you won’t like to wait to play your favorite game while your controller is being charged, as it usually takes a lot of time. Ext port offers excellent charging speed and can charge your controller in less time. It offers wireless charging, so you need not connect any type of cable to get your controller charges. You can charge it wirelessly and that too at high speed. It is one of the primary reasons to use the PS4 controller with an Ext port.

You can charge multiple controllers

If you are fond of playing multiplayer games and you and your friends usually get together to play games on PS4, then you will need multiple controllers, and you have to keep them fully charged to experience better gaming. Ext port uses charging dock to charge the controllers, and you can charge nearly about four controllers easily using the charging dock. Hence, Ext port is the best for users who prefer playing multiplayer games.

Advantages of the USB port in the PS4 controller

Play and charge

The biggest advantage of using the controller with a USB port is that you need not stop the game from getting your controller charged as you can connect with it the charging cable and play your game while it gets charged. It creates no lag or any problem in your gameplay, which allows you to continue your game even if the controller battery runs out. You only need to connect the charger and continue gaming.

Long cable

If your PS4 is placed too far away from your couch, then you don’t have to worry as if you have a controller with a USB port; you can easily get a charging cable measuring up to 10 feet. It allows you to play the game for a certain length without getting interrupted and charging your controller, too, at the same time.

To conclude, there are various advantages of both the port and they both have multiple downfalls too, but according to modern technology, Ext port is more suitable, and it is the future of gaming consoles.


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