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Welding Process- Skill Enhancement is a Must

There are different types of professions in the world and the average common man must have gone through most of them atleast once in his lifetime. We are living in such times where the job market has gone from bad to worse with fierce competition.

On top of it, nepotism has become more prevalent where rich and elite people use their influence to have their spoilt brats with well paid jobs without any struggle, leaving the less privileged people with menial ones.

Bear in mind that no job is big or small in this world and you always can have to adjust with what you get not because you don’t have any choice but because you will get to learn new things from this that is considered menial by the entire world.

Respectable Profession

We are going to talk about welding and it is not what many people consider a respectable profession but simply a low level job for uneducated yolks but if you look at it closely, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Welding, by definition, is a fabrication that is more like a sculpting process that joins different materials together with the help of metal and plastic that is made of thermo and it is heated thoroughly for melting, following it is kept in a cool place and the change in temperature causes fusion.

You must have seen the bars of a prison or that of your windows because they were attached through the process of welding in order to hold the two panes together and allow ventilation into the house.

Therefore, welding is a process that has to be respected and there is nothing to ridicule about either the profession or the people who are involved in it due to its different characteristics.


We are going back a little in time to understand the process better and binding of different metals into one fold is centuries older than you think and it is believed to be originated from Middle East or West European countries but the exact time period is still a mystery.

This practice was prevalent in the Bronze and Iron age and the ancient Greek historian Herodotus was the one who had tried and tested the process of welding by attaching two iron rods together on pieces of wood and invented this ingenious process known as welding.

Learn the Technique

If you want to utilize a welding career, here are some important tips to improve your skills:

  • You can begin by adjusting the volts and wire on the welders which will then transfer the modes into thick strong metal
  • The metals that are rusted have to washed clean of the impurities otherwise they won’t be strong enough
  • Apart from size and shape, the angle, speed and the required direction have to be taken into account so that there is an arc space to adjust speed

  • Shop for things like MIG wire flux core wire and welding aluminium
  • Welds start cracking after a certain period due to beads and non proper heating before welding so these things have to be rectified accordingly

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