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Ways to Use Household Ammonia

When searching the cleaning supply aisle the options are mind-boggling. Entire rows are set aside for everything from bathroom cleaning supplies to floor care and everything in between. Most of these items cost more than just a dollar or two. Go back to the basics and use household ammonia. It can be used to clean a number of surfaces in the home, but it is great for more than just cleaning. Try these ways to use household ammonia, and save money over costlier products that do not work nearly as well.  Ammonia is also helpful when it comes to removal of molds from your house. Although there are types of molds that are immune to ammonia. In such cases, you have https://www.moldxpertsnj.com/residential-mold-inspections.asp to help you with this. 

Precautionary Statement Regarding the Use of Household Ammonia

Never combine ammonia with bleach. It will produce harmful and potentially deadly fumes. Always read product labels fully before using ammonia and following precautions and instructions for use.

Clean Oven and Grill Racks the Easy Way

Grill racks and oven racks can be difficult to clean by hand. Leave oven racks in the stove during the self-cleaning process, and they will come clean, but they will lose their shine. Simply heating up a grill and brushing off the grates does not always work, especially if the grill has been caked with food and grease for weeks or months on end. Use household ammonia instead of an oven cleaner. Household ammonia will eat away months of burned-on caked-on grease and food particles.

Place grill racks or oven racks in a trash bag, and generously spray them with undiluted household ammonia. Close the bag, and keep the bagged racks outside overnight. In the morning, rinse away the household ammonia along with the grime. Months or even years of grease and baked-on food should come right off. If it does not, use an abrasive sponge to aid in cleaning. It should still come off much easier than using a cleanser or other products.

Use it Instead of Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner starts at around one dollar a bottle. This is for the watery varieties that do not do much more than making the bowl smell like breath mints. Save money and use household ammonia instead. Pour it into a clean well-labeled squirt bottle typically used to dispense condiments, and use it to reach areas beneath the rim. Allow it to work for several minutes before scrubbing and rinsing it away. The toilet bowl will be clean, and it will smell just as good as or better than it would if it had been cleaned using an expensive blue mint-scented product.

Fend Off Garbage-Picking Pests

Are outdoor animals getting into your garbage cans, even with the lids in place? Keep them away without using drastic methods. After all, they are simply searching for life-sustaining food. Use household ammonia to keep them away. When they smell the ammonia they will not come anywhere near the trash. Fill a clean spray bottle with household ammonia, and spray it on the cans and bags. The animals will go elsewhere for a midnight snack.


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