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Tubidy- A unique way of sharing and streaming with a simple click

There have been numerous discussions amongst many people when it comes to the topic of technology and innovation. It can be many things to many people. To understand, it better we need to go back to its roots. We need to know how and from where it originated from.

It is defined as gathering of knowledge relating to science in a theory based content and applying the same for practical purposes. In simple words (read layman’s language) it can be termed as using electronic items and hardware by human and developing it.

Technology is seen the as the perfect combination of man and machine working together in perfect harmony and disciplined coordination so as to solve problems more quickly and carefully. Man and machine can go hand in hand with each other as the existence of one depends on the other.

In today’s times, it is virtually impossible to survive without technology and machinery, what with mobile phones and tablets becoming a basic necessity from being seen just as a source of entertainment and communication with others.

It is a past time for young children, for different reasons. For some, it simply means playing games and examining it at leisure, but for others it can be seen as a source of inspiration.

Those who are in software and technology, are generally tech savvy in nature and it is here that technology plays a huge role in piquing their interests and evolving their minds. It is this very software that helps in honing, polishing and cultivating their skills and talents in this field.

What’s more, it is done so not for enhancing knowledge and skills, but simply to get passable marks in the exams and get a degree and get a job in one corporate organization or the other, never mind that more pressures and job-related stress is lying in wait for them.

It is important to know that many companies use the talents and skills of their employees only for their own benefits through growth and development, leaving them with a meager portion of the revenue in the name of salary.

Youngsters of today are endowed with tremendous moral fiber and strength of will power to withstand any kind of challenge or obstacle that comes their way and are even aware about it to encounter it in the near future.

Why? How is it so? Why is it that children are much more capable in looking after themselves right from a young age, in fact take it as a welcoming prospect?

They learn to become independent and fend for themselves when on their own with much more ease than what their older counterparts did in their times. What caused this sudden change? What is this strange phenomenon?

The answer to these questions is, aside from change of times, the evolvement and upgradation of technology. It is quite common for change to occur with the gradual passage of time and people too learn to evolve and change to keep pace with the new times, while those that cannot or rather, do not, do so are left floundering and tend to end up nowhere.

In times of yore, people, living at long distances, used to communicate through letters sent through messenger pigeons. Then came the telegram and postal service, which made it a lot more easier in keeping in touch.

In current times, it has been generally seen that children show very little interest in their studies and going to school and facing teachers is something that they dread all the time.

It is even less welcome a prospect when their parents are called and told about their so called laziness and irresponsibility and lack of seriousness regarding their studies. So, what happens is that they become disenchanted with their parents, disassociate with friends and surroundings, and ultimately with life itself.

The problem with parents and school teachers is that most of them fail to see the writing on the wall that times have changed. Today’s generation is not like what they were many years back.

They are much more aware of their surroundings and their goals about what they want to do and become in future with crystal clear thought process. The vision and foresight that they have for life is something that is new and out of the box.

It is quite unlike the vision that their older counterparts (parents and teachers) had in their minds when they were young. The older generations were quite content and satisfied with a simple degree from a good college/university, which they would proudly attach before their names on their name plates outside the door of their house, so that it becomes a part of their names itself, becoming a part of their identity forever.

Today’s youngsters are more rebellious and defiant in nature. They do not like to be ordered and bossed around. They hate to confine themselves to the shackles of the age old traditional and convent system of education, where English language is a must to survive and sustain in the world.

So much so that without which you will be seen as useless and an object of ridicule and thereby subjected to bitter humiliation. They revolt against the mindless, word-to word and note to note memorization of every topic without understanding anything, even if the basic summary is lost.

Then came a brilliant mind who went by the name Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, through which you could communicate with each other for long hours and not confined to writing on paper.

With the advent of the 20th century, came the computers and internet that gradually found their way into homes of the common man and made it easier for learning different softwares and technologies.

A boon for tech savvy individuals, it soon cultivated into a more advanced gadget of machinery with the digital revolution and the emergence of social media. The search engine google, invented in 1998, became the source of knowledge and information to learn about anything new and the latest news.

In the 2000s, the internet found its way from desktop computer systems to the mobile phones in our pockets. Soon after that, modern mankind got acquainted to tablets with touch screen facilities, rendering the numbered keys obsolete and just the requirement of fingers did the trick.

The social networking sites like facebook, twitter and instagram served as perfect platforms to communicate with our friends and relatives living far, far away from each other and connect unknown people from different parts of the world.

Another such a platform for entertainment and music lovers was Youtube, found in 2006. It helped to stream and watch videos of songs and speeches from different languages and music. Even live videos can be streamed today from different websites and applications.

For mobile users, there was this new application called Tubidy. It is a site from where you can download music in audio format on your mobile phones. Therefore, you will have access to the choicest songs at your disposal with the drop of a hat that can be surfed at leisure. It can also have the same quality speed and tempo of watching the same thing on video.

Tubidy Mobile Video and Music Search Engine is one such application that is not limited to just mobile downloads but if you want to listen to music on your desktop system or tablet then you can do so easily through Tubidy mp3 download format.

Some important functions are as follows:

  • You can download around thousands of songs on mp3 format within a few minutes.
  • The downloading feature is quite fast and flexible in nature
  • The leads are always available for personal use but you will not be able to do so for commercial purposes.

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