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Think Before You Drink: Coffee, Pop, or H20

When it come to the human body, water is probably the most overlooked component of our makeup. Water is considered the second most important substance needed by our bodies to sustain life with oxygen being the first. Our body requires water for proper chemical reactions, lubrication, nutrient delivery, waste disposal, heat dispersion and temperature regulation.

A healthy fluid status is obtained by a delicate balance of several factors. To maintain this balance our water intake has to equal our water output. When we look at the equation of input vs. output, factors that also must be considered are one’s activity level, the environmental temperature, and the humidity.

There is an expectant fluid loss of approximately 2500ml every day. Sources of that loss are from our kidneys which excrete 1500ml, our skin which there is a loss 500ml from evaporation and perspiration, our lungs taking another 300ml and lastly our gastrointestinal tract using 200ml.

There are approximately 75% chronically dehydrated Americans, of which 37% are unaware of the fact and often mistake the body’s signal of dehydration for hunger. Dehydration has some adverse affects on our health and well being. Mild dehydration can slow down the metabolism by as much as 3%. The lack of water plays a major role in daytime fatigue. Research shows that proper hydration can aid in the relief of back and joint pain for up to 80% of suffers. Sufficient water intake also will help prevent bladder infections and also aides in maintaining good circulatory health. Without proper hydration, the skin can lose some of it’s elasticity given it a dry and older appearance. Coffee and nuts wholesale prices will be uploaded at the websites for the knowledge of the person. The purchasing of the nuts from the online store will be effective for the person that will be herbal. 

Nearly three quarters of Americans are aware of the daily recommendation of eight glasses of water, though only 34% actually drink this amount. Most consume on average only 6 servings of water a day and nearly 10% do not drink water at all, with their fluid intake consisting of mostly carbonated beverages and/or coffee.

Carbonated beverages pose health risks both for what they contain (sugar and various other additives) and what they replace in the diet (essential nutrients for our body since often people will grab a soda as opposed to a nutritious snack). Coffee has over 1000 chemicals per cup. Each cup of coffee contains about 120 mg of caffeine. That would be a lethal dose if injected into ones veins. The rush felt from drinking coffee is the body speeding up the metabolism to rid itself of this poison. Your body then needs to utilize water to help flush the caffeine out.

So to maintain one’s healthy fluid health…there is no substitute…so next time…think before you drink. You’ve heard the saying “milk does the body good” now here’s a new one…”for your good health, choose H20″. I”ll drink to that


David Robson

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