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The Secrets To Choose An Area Rug

Rugs can be very aesthetically pleasing. An area rug in a room can seriously change its whole look, transforming it with its vibrant style and rustic feel. Simply adding an area rug instead of moving old furniture or putting new furniture in can make the room feel warm and welcoming. With many styles and materials of rugs available nowadays, it can be a bit of a challenge to choose the right one for your home. Here’s our guide to help you find the perfect rug for all your needs-

Size of the rug

The placement of your rug in a room depends on big your room is and how the furniture is present in it. When choosing for bedrooms or personal spaces, go for smaller sizes and place it in such a place that it stands out. In personal spaces, rugs can be used for a purpose such as at the side of the bed to place your feet on. When choosing a rug for the bigger rooms such as the dining room or living room, go for bigger sizes. It is a good idea to put a big rug that covers the whole or a majority of the room. Using a small rug in a big room can make it look too crowded and uneven.

The material

The most common rugs commercially available are synthetic rugs, which are affordable compared to natural fibres such as wool or cotton. Wool rugs are popular too but require a lot of maintenance due to their delicate nature. Viscose rugs are preferred for their soft weave and durability and ease of maintenance. Another famous material used is sisal, a stiff fibre similar to cotton, that is simple to clean and environment-friendly. When choosing which rug material to use, keep in mind how many people are in the house and whether there are kids and pets. In those cases, choose a material that is strong and durable and easy to clean.

Colour and pattern

When adding a rug in a room, do you want it to stand out or blend it? Choose the colour and pattern of the rug according to the furniture and the colour of the walls. Every piece of furniture and upholstery must complement each other and work together to make the room look better and balanced. If your furniture is bright and vibrant, then a neutral tone mattress will look good. If the furniture is simple and understated, you can add a rug of bright colour and unique pattern.

One more factor that affects what colour rug you can use is if you have children or pets. Kids tend to spill and drop food, and having a white delicate wool mattress isn’t ideal. Instead, go for darker colours and thicker weaves that won’t get spoiled easily.


You can choose different material rugs for different places in your house. A fluffy woollen rug can be placed at the side or foot of your bed so your feet don’t touch the cold floor in the morning. Sturdy and heavy weave cotton rugs can be used in entrances, connecting halls or at the foot of the staircase because people walk the most through these areas, mostly with shoes on. Cotton is easy to clean and doesn’t wear down easily. If you plan on placing furniture on your rug, such as a rug underneath your dining table or a rug to place floor lamps or footstools such as ottomans or Moroccan pouffe, cotton rugs are the best choice.


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