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Terpenes: How It Strengthens The Effect Of Cannabis?

Many people may not have heard about Terpenes. They are sweet-smelling oils that make a strain taste minty or fruity, and give it a citrusy or earthy fragrance. Cannabis plants not only produce CBD and THC but also produce Terpenes in the same glands. But, it didn’t get the same attention as the other two. In the past, medical researchers and growers only focused on CBD and THC, and they didn’t discover anything about this compound. In recent years, Terpenes has come to light, and many researchers have found its extremely exceptional benefits to one’s body.

Due to its recent popularity, you might be familiar with this element. What You Should Know About Terpenese is that it is a combination of carbon and hydrogen that makes the compound a form of hydrocarbons. The Terpenes is produced in the plants for several reasons like, attracting pollinators, discouraging insect feeding, defending against fungus, and bacteria, and many more. Here, in the guide, we will talk about the facts that help you to understand how Terpenes strengthen the effect of cannabis. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  • Terpenes that strengthen the effect of cannabis

There are some most abundant Terpenes present in cannabis, which shows a wide range of health benefits and medical uses. Here we will tell you about the most useful ones that are present in cannabis.

  1. β- Caryophyllene

β- Caryophyllene is considered to be the most abundant element in cannabis. It is also found in allspice, black pepper, pot marjoram, roman chamomile, and fig. The compound also plays a vital role in the treatment of strong addiction, treating malaria, and helps to relieve the itchy skin. It is believed that the element can show potential benefits like anti-inflammatory, decreases anxiety, pain relief, analgesic, and anti-malarial properties. The pain-reducing properties come from the ability to affect the CB-2 receptors.

  1. Myrcene

Many health benefits are associated with Myrcene. When a person looks for What You Should Know About Terpenese, then the person can understand the importance of the element. Several studies have found that Myrcene is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and also helps in fighting cancer-related symptoms. However, it is slightly sedative so that it can provide a comfortable and relaxing feeling while smoking marijuana. Eating various foods that are high in Myrcene like bay leaves, hops, mangoes, and lemongrass an hour before consuming any cannabis products can enhance the productivity of THC to make sleep cycles better.

  1. Pinene

Pinene is an effective bronchodilator, as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. The anti-inflammatory properties work with CBD’s CB-2 receptors, and the bronchodilator contributes to the effects produced by THC. It is also founded that Pinene can help in improving memory, and when you consume it with cannabis, the element will help to reduce forgetfulness or memory fog. If someone is facing problems with the brain, then consuming the combination is the best way of improving that part of the body.

  1. Limonene

Limonene is the second most abundant Terpene that helps to give citrus fruits their fragrance. It is that part of Terpenes that is high in bioavailability and also contains many health benefiting properties like immunostimulant, anti-septic, gastric protectant, and reduces cancer-causing cells. Various studies have also proven that Limonene is effective in treating gastric ulcers, acne, and works as an antidote to the THC. What You Should Know About Terpenese elemental compound is that it can reduce the uncomfortable effects produced by overconsumption of THC.

  1. Nerolidol

Nerolidol is a mild sedative that comes with potential anti-malarial properties. The compound is generally found in the oranges. Taking Nerolidol with cannabis can help in improving sleep and relaxation. A person going through depression can try the combination to avail of many health benefits.

  1. Linalool

Although the compound is not highly abundant as compared to others, but can give relaxing effects. The element is also known for reducing anxiety, local anesthetic, anti-convulsant, mild sedative, and pain reliever. When Linalool is consumed with cannabis, then it can enhance the effects of cannabis to make one relax and feel free from depression. What You Should Know About Terpenese compound is that it is also found in citrus fruits, fungi, birch trees, rosewood, lavender, cinnamon, mints, and rosewood.

  1. Phytol

Phytol is a compound that is also found in cannabis plants. The main purpose of Phytol is to activate the GABA system in one’s brain to create a calming and relaxing effect. When consumed with cannabis, it can leave a relaxing impact on the body, and Phytol also works the same with the green tea. A person feeling depressed and cannot concentrate well in work can consume the combination of Terpene and cannabis to increase the effects.

  1. Caryophyllene oxide

Caryophyllene oxide is also known as an insect deterrent and anti-fungal agent. The compound influences the CB-2 and CB-1 receptors synergistically with cannabis. However, the combination didn’t prove its potential benefits as they are yet to be discovered. So, What You Should Know About Terpenese element is that researchers will find its several advantages in the future. Caryophyllene oxide can be found in juniper berries.

  1. Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol is commonly found in the eucalyptus oil. The element has a cooling, fresh, and minty smell. It has pain-relieving properties that enhance the ability to focus and concentrate. This is the main reason why the compound is present in those plants which are used for medication.

All these are the top significant compounds of Terpenes that gives several health benefits when consumed with cannabis. There are many more traces of Terpenes that are yet to be explored. It is possible to see other Terpenes to deliver potential advantages to health in the future.

  • Terpenes: how do they work?

We all know that THC has the capability to bind the brain receptors to cause the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis. So, Terpenes also have the same impact on that part of the body. Moreover, Terpenes also determine how much THC should enter the brain. The most important factor What You Should Know About Terpenese is how they influence the neurotransmitters of the brain. There is one thing to understand that not all Terpenes work the same. Some of them relax the mind while others show the opposite effect. It can be in the form of an increase in energy levels and lifting the mood.

Some cannabis users also shared their experiences of eating a ripe mango 40 minutes before smoking cannabis. They told us that it increases the effect of marijuana. The reason is that mango contains one of the Terpenes named Myrcene. The compound works with the THC and enhances the effects related to it.

To summarize, combining Terpenes with cannabis can strengthen its effects. Every Terpene reacts in a different way and helps to improve the functioning of the body. However, hundreds of Terpenes are yet to be explored, and this field is continuously evolving. So, in the future, we will be able to see many other elements showing their potential effects on the body when combined with cannabis. Always make sure to consult with your doctor to ensure that using cannabis cannot leave any side effects to your body. Well, you don’t have to worry as using CBD in the right amount does not harm anyone.


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