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Ten Of The Best Free Android News Apps

Nowadays, being informed and up to date about the current and latest events in the world has been very much easier and convenient. Through the continuous rise of technology, access to news and current trends are now within our reach with the help of mobile phones or smartphones. There are several mobile application designed to deliver relevant and valuable information about what is currently going on in our society. If you are now aware or if you haven’t downloaded any of these applications in your phone, this article will help you learn and be familiarized with some of the best free android news apps that you might want to consider to be informed and up to date.

Google Now

Google Now or also known as Google Feed is one of the best app news available in the market. This app provides different options of topics you want to be informed about and it adds more suggestions or categories as you continuously search on it.


Feedly is considered as the most popular news sites in the market. This app provides users a wide array of information from different sources that you trust. Simply, what Feedly does is that it gets information and news from different sites and sources that you opt to consider. In addition, you can also access your feed on the internet through their website of your mobile phone.


Looking for a unique news site or app? Pocket got you covered. This app doesn’t offer users content. But what it does is it saves all the content you happen to come across during your day. This is appropriate for people who have busy schedule who stumble across a particular content or article in Facebook or Twitter but do not have the time to read it. Thus, with the help of Pocket, users can save everything they want to read in a later time.


Flipboard is also another popular news app and basically it functions like Feedly. It allows you to create a custom feed with different sources, sites, and other portals that you trust and prefer. But what makes it different from Feedly is that it is more flashy in a way that it shows fun animation, big images that it looks like a digital magazine. Just like any apps here, Flipboard is also free.


A lot maybe are unaware but twitter is also a news app. Twitter provides users real-time trendy topics and events across the entire world. Everyone knows this app. Whether you’re interested in current news or celebrities latest showbiz happenings, Twitter is the best app to use.

Clearly, being up to date with the current events is now more easier with the help of the apps mentioned. For more information about news outside your country, you can check some foreign news site that can be translated in your local language such as Spanish news website in English. Indeed, nowadays, information we need is always within our reach!


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