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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Toon Link

Toon Link is one of the best characters in the game. He’s fast and almost all of his moves are good. His moveset is basically a modified version of Link’s, but Toon Link is preferred by most high level players. His air game is excellent and honestly, he doesn’t really have any glaring flaws. He’s fairly light and his range isn’t amazing, but these minor disadvantages hardly detract from his overall excellence.

Standard Attacks

All of Toon Link’s standard ground attacks are good. His neutral combo has much less range than Link’s, but it’s quick enough to still be useful, especially the first two hits. His running attack is also pretty useful.

Toon Link’s tilts are very similar to Link’s, except they are much faster and shorter range. The up and forward tilts are very straightforward, and both have good hit arcs. The down tilt is pretty weak, but it’s very fast and excellent for popping enemies upward to lead into Toon Link’s air game.

Finally, Toon Link’s smashes are also excellent, though they aren’t quite the same as Link’s. You’ll notice that on the whole, Toon Link’s attacks tend to be single hits while Link has some multi-hit moves. You’ll see this here with Toon Link’s up smash. Whereas Link’s is a triple hit combo, Toon Link gets a single upward hit that is powerful and good for killing off the top, though you’ll want to stick with the up tilt if you are going for area of effect. Toon Link’s down smash is similar to Link’s except that you can easily hit with both hits, and it does good damage all around. Toon Link’s forward smash is a good killing move. It’s similar to Link’s, except that it’s easier to score both hits. Just like in Wind Waker, the second hit features a very satisfying hit stun. Be sure to vary the time interval between the two hits to throw off your opponents. You may also want to know your standing on the game. Hence, you can use leaderboard stats on PS4 and Xbox One or any other devices.

Special Attacks

Toon Link’s special attacks are basically the same as Link’s, but with different attributes. His up special, on the ground, scores multiple hits before finishing with a stronger hit, but it’s short ranged and not too powerful, so you should just stick to using it as a recovery move.

The three projectiles are all slightly different from Link’s. Toon Link’s bombs are weaker but have a larger area of effect, so it’s easier to just toss them around to disrupt your opponent’s plans. Watch out though, since you might accidentally hit yourself! Toon Link’s boomerang is much better than Link’s; not only is it more controllable, it hits on the return trip instead of pulling the enemy towards you, which with Link usually ends with a forward or neutral air to the face. Finally, Toon Link’s arrows are much slower than Link’s, but they fly straighter, even with less charging. You’ll want to rely on the boomerang for spacing, and use the arrows to disrupt.


Toon Link’s grab is his one move that is not very good. It’s a ranged grab, but the range is short and doesn’t really make up for the lag that comes with having a ranged grab. Once you latch onto an enemy, you’ll want to stick to your up and down throws to lead into Toon Link’s various attacks, since the forward and backward throws aren’t that strong.

Aerial Attacks

Toon Link’s air game is amazing. Just like Link, he has an extra air attack in the form of his nearly lag-free hookshot (use the grab button in the air), but the short range means it’s not quite as useful as an attack. You can still use it for tether recoveries.

Toon Link’s down air is also unique. Unlike Link’s, it’s an auto-drop attack that goes straight down, but if you hit someone you always bounce off of them. If you hit someone in the air, it is a meteor smash, and this is actually quite easy to do, unlike many meteor smashes.

The only air attack that is very similar to Link’s is the up air. It’s shorter range, but it has the same high priority and power. The neutral air is is a double slash like Marth’s, but instead of two forward hits, Toon Link gets one forward hit and one back hit. It’s a very useful and quick move. Toon Link’s forward and back aerials are single sword slashes in their respective directions. The back air is especially good since it has such quick recovery time and an excellent hit arc; if you control it right, you can hit it several times and even juggle people with it. It’s really a signature move, much like Donkey Kong’s back air. Since Toon Link’s forward and back air attacks both have good arcs and both use his sword, he can use them to block many projectiles, if you are good (very similar to how Marth can use many of his ground sword attacks to block projectiles).

Final Smash

Toon Link’s final smash is basically just a worse version of Link’s. It functions in exactly the same way, except that it’s weaker. Considering that Toon Link trumps Link in most other areas, it’s not really anything to complain about.

That’s it for Toon Link. Be sure to get good with him. He looks awesome, he has an awesome stage, and he’s one of the best characters in the game with no real flaws. What more could you want?


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