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Sleeper Sofas: The Modern Innovation Of Luxury?

The 21st century has seen plenty of modernization when it comes to comfort and lifestyle. An increase in population also leads to an increase in the demand for space saving and compact living, which is where the brilliance of ‘Sleeper Sofas’ comes into the picture.

So, what are these sofas exactly?

Unlike sofa beds, these normally do not have to pull out mattresses hidden within the frame. Instead, the entire sofa can be converted into a bed by just rearranging its configuration. Hence, one can directly lay on the cushion, instead of an unlevelled mattress, as offered by the former; sofa bed. Thus, making them the best blend of comfort plus ingeniousness and smart addition to impress your guests.

Cleverest design of the century?

The trend of compact living seems to have taken over the world; the one who optimizes space to its maximum is the best (survival of the fittest, not really). Sleeper sofas serve many purposes, including converting your living room into a bedroom, or even better, a guest room. The best comfortable sleeper sofa comes in the queen sized forms, thus making them ideal for three seated persons and once opened, two sleeping persons. One can enjoy the night’s football match on the sofa with popcorn and then cosily falling asleep on the same sofa, which is now a warm double bed.

Talk about style

Furthermore, a lot of sleepers offer new designs that suit you.Most stores now allow their customers to modify the style of their furniture, such as changing the color of cushions to suit their preferred aesthetic. Be it the basic beige or striking orange, and this chic addition is worthy of investment.

Ease of use is something that makes these sofas extremely desirable. The cushions are lightweight, and you don’t have to deal with springs of a mattress stabbing your back in the middle of the night.

There are more designs of these sofas than there are programs on your TV.

One for all and all for one:

Thanks to the comfortable cushion style, anyone can enjoy the benefits of this sleeper. A comfortable seat for your grandpa to read his newspapers during the day and at night, extending the chair, gives a cozy bed.

Many other designs come equipped with wheels that make it extremely easy to handle, which means it doesn’t require the strongest member of the family to assemble a bed for their guests, you can ask the children (not highly recommended) to try it.  Your sofas come with a minimum warranty of 10 years. Additionally, some companies also offer services that include cleaning and repair.

The more innovative designs also facilitate a storage area, so mum would not have to stuff your wardrobe with bedsheets or cushion covers, the simple drawers are lightweight and hold all your bed supplies.

Worthy of investment, you say?

Hitting two birds with one stone, you basically buy two sets of furniture for the price of one, seems like the best deal, doesn’t it? These are not only petite in nature but also petite in cost. The duality of this sleeper remains hidden, thus acting as a perfect surprise to show off to your guests, making it all worth.

What you must consider before buying a sleeper sofa

Hardwood Frames are the most durable

Avoid getting soft wood such as frames made of pine as you would want your furniture to remain strong. Try looking for sofas made of high-grade furniture plywood.

The sofas should have good open-close mechanisms

Good sofas enable you to live and pull or rearrange their parts without making horrible squeaky noises or scratching your floor; hence, the ones with wheels are a better option.

Oops, there’s a tear in the blanket!

The edges, mainly if the frame is made of metal, should have blunt and smooth edges so as to prevent your bedsheets from ripping. This is also an important hazard check for houses with children and pets.

Great, we bought the wrong size!

Always make sure you choose the right size of the sofa, in order to do this, measure the space where you want to place the new furniture, or at least have a rough idea before you decide to make a purchase

In conclusion, the best comfortable sleeper sofa brings plenty of benefits for those that love conserving space and to those who desire the most of everything this world has to offer.


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