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Remembering the Analog Days

Back when I was a teenager, you used a rotary phone to dial a friend, you used a typewriter to write term papers and prayed you didn’t mess up, you listen to music on cassette tapes until you accidentally caught the ribbon on something pulling it out into yards of mess! The camera.. well, was somewhat similar yet the finished product nowadays is much clearer and more amazing than anything we could have imagined.

Remembering the Analog Days

People often say… in the simpler days, things were this and that… yet, truth be told none of these items were simpler… simplistic perhaps, but much more hassle for sure. Anyways, these analog postcards will remind of days long ago, give your children a glimpse into your past, and be a familiar and welcome site to those who fantasize about a technology free world back in the ‘simpler’ days.

Remembering the Analog Days

Retro, clunky cultural artifacts of the past screen printed by hand on 100% post-consumer-waste recycled cover stock make a wonderful gift or offer a really way to decorate your geek chic home with retro analog memories of the past.

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