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Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scams

Dating has gone a long way through technological advancement. Online dating websites and applications have spread out all over the Internet. But this modern platform of dating is not an exception for scam and deception. There are a lot of cases where people were victimized of scams. That is why it is really necessary for users of dating websites to be cautious and mindful of these scams to avoid any deception. This article will go through some of the tips to protect yourself from online dating scams.

Get to Know the Person before Meet Up

This is one of the best ways to avoid any form of scam. Since you jet meet people online, it is necessary that you go through a lot of conversation and get to know phase first before personally meeting up the person. There is no rush in dating, it is necessary that you know the person or at least you went through his profile and do some research and background check.


Photos can be deceiving and posers have spread out all over the online dating websites and apps. You can do some research and background check through their photos. You can ask for more pictures if he or she has a few pictures available on his or her profile.

Video Chat

Video chatting is one of the best ways to really validate someone’s profile. Through video chat, you’ll be able to know that the person you’re getting to know online is really the person on his or her profile pictures. Also, it gives you an idea on how the person speaks, his facial reactions, the sound of his voice and so on and so forth.

Never send money online

Online dating websites and apps are merely designed for the word itself, dating. It shouldn’t be a venue for any money transfer and transaction. So if the person you’re talking to asks for money, you need to be cautious and alarmed.

Seek for Advice

There are some online dating consultants that provide advice on how to be successful in online dating. For instance, SHALLON ONLINE is an online dating website that gives some information, tips, advices to people who are using online dating websites and apps for them to be successful in finding the right person for them.

Report Any Contentious Profile

If something is contentious about a particular profile or if you are really certain that that person is a poser, you should report it immediately. Majority of online dating websites and applications have features where you can report a contentious profile. It only not protects you from scams but it also helps other people from being a victim.

In general, online dating has also been a target of  scammers. That is why it is an imperative to be cautious and knowledgeable about the way these bad people work. It is necessary that you are aware of this illegal activities and so you’ll be able to protect yourself from any possible deception.


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