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Picking Out a Mattress

Mattresses can be a challenging product to purchase and it can be difficult to tell exactly how comfortable a particular kind is going to be when simply testing it out in the showroom or looking at it online, however, Mattressify is a perfect solution to this issues as you get high-quality mattresses that are really comfortable and if you are not satisfied with their quality you also get the option of easy return. Mattresses are an important factor in getting a good night’s sleep and spinal health, so it is important that you consider this purchase with special care, and doing mattress comparison is really vital as everyone has different sleeping patterns.

Step 1

Set a budget for yourself before purchasing a mattress. They can be extremely expensive items and salesmen can always push you to get upgrades. Remember, you can always attempt to bargain with the salesmen if you find your perfect mattress is a little bit over your price range. Mention sales and try to comparison shop.

Step 2

Test out the mattress before you purchase it. Your comfort is the most important factor when it comes to your perfect mattress. If you spend the night at a hotel or a friend’s house and find yourself feeling better than ever after a night on the mattress, inquire about it and follow up. Trying a mattress out in-store is the second-best thing. Ask for a pillow or bring your own when mattress shopping. Lie down on each mattress for fifteen to twenty minutes to get an idea of the comfort level. This time period should be a good indicator of how comfortable you will be after a night’s sleep on the product. Don’t be fooled by claims that certain mattresses are better for your back or spine, each person is different and the mattress will, in turn, affect each person’s back differently, which is why testing the mattress is so important. Extra padding on a mattress can indicate comfort and quality, and can also be more expensive, but it all really comes down to personal preference.

Step 3

Look for stores that offer returns if you are not happy with your mattress, such as a two to the six-week window. You may find that your mattress is not as comfortable as you thought, so you’ll want the freedom to return it. Cover your mattress with a cover for the first several weeks to make sure it does not stain as sometimes stores will not take back stained mattresses.

Step 4

Purchasing a mattress online can be an alternative if they offer a much lower price. However, it is not advisable that you purchase the mattress without testing it out first. Find out the brand name and test it out in a local mattress store before ordering it.


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