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Making a Cheap Bookcase: Book Case/DVD Holder at Low Cost

Making a book shelf/DVD holder is easy and does not require a great deal of finances, knowledge or skill, This can be built in under an hour and holds DVD’s, tapes and paperback books. Space is always an issue for most individuals and this project will not take up much space at all. It is easy to build and will look great when finished.

Tools needed screw drivers Phillips and flat head, tape measure, level, square, hand saw and possibly a hammer. Stain or paint is optional but does add to the beauty. The purchase of 1 by 4s will be necessary and nails or sheet rock screws.

Depending on how big one would like to make this shelf depends on cost. The basic ideal here is to get one started on building a cheap book case/DVD holder.

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To begin purchase the number of 1 by 4s for the project by measuring how big you would like the shelf. Just for the sake of getting the project started we will say a 1 by 4by 4 foot tall by 4 foot wide book case. This will require a minimum of 9sections of board at four foot and one more section will go on the back to attach to wall. This section should go across the width of the back this piece should be about 49 and one half inches long. This should bridge the shelf to compensate for the baseboard protrusion.

Cut the 1 by 4s in 4 foot pieces lay them out pull out two side pieces and a top and bottom. All of these should be 4 foot long pieces just for the example. Using nails or the sheetrock screws attach them by forming a box type structure using one at the bottom and one at the top and two sides. After this is done square up each end, using the square place it in each corner until it sits firmly on both sides.

After this is done proceed to measure the sides marking it about every nine and a third inches as you go this should allow for five boards to fit making a total of six shelves. After markig each side just line the boards up on the marks. Screw each board in place while this is laying flat square up each end and then make sure boards are level when attached. After this is done attach the board that will be screwed to the wall on the upper part of the structure. Paint if desired or stain it for additional beauty. Attach it to the wall by the board on top using sheetrock screws. This should even it out as the lower part will usually stick out one half inch because of the baseboard. When finished this will be a practical and cost effective book case.


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