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Large Hoop Earrings – Safety Tips In Wearing Them

Hoop earrings are always the first accessories that come to our minds when we talk about elegance and class. Hence, it is even more fascinating when paired with the right outfit. It is a given that earrings provide sense of fashion to a person, but hoop earrings in particular are way more amazing. As such, these kinds of accessories are way well known across the globe. However, for you to be bale to fully project its benefits, it is important that you follow the basic safety tips of wearing it. So to help you out, here are some safety tips when wearing large hoop earrings.


As a rule of thumb, wearing large hoop earrings that peek through some space in your hair can be an attractive look. However, it may also give you some possible danger. As such, it is not impossible for medium and even long hair to get tangled up so tightly in a short period of time. Thus, if the hair will always get wrap too light, it is best to turn your head to avoid pain. So to avoid your earrings from getting tangled in your head, it is advisable to always remember to wear your hair up to keep it safely from the hoops.

Clothing and accessories

Another safety precaution that you need to follow and take into consideration when wearing large hoop earrings is your clothing and accessories. Some things like purse handles and scarves can be classified as safety hazards when wearing large hoop earrings. Purse handles are created from looped material and knitted. On the other hand, scarves can be dangerous since it may be bale to get a portion of your earring and tear away from your ear.

Additionally, some pieces of your outfit may cause some threat or danger to the overall safety while wearing heavy and large outerwear like jackets, coats, parka and others.

Children and Pet

Furthermore, if you want to spend some time with your pets or small children, it is advisable to place your large hoop earrings away for a while. You should always remember that babies and children are kind of notorious for touching and grabbing a lot of items. Even your youngest son or daughter can unintentionally pull hard your loop earrings. Dogs, on the other hand, usually jump on people. And there is tendency that your pet might accidentally pull your earrings.

Special events

Not only at home, but the hazard of pulling your hoop earrings is also high. So if you want to be sure about your safety, it is recommended to always check first the event that you will be attending and see if wearing a large hoop earrings can be problematic. For example, if you think you will be playing tennis in the nearest parking, it is best not to wear earrings. This concept applies when you want to go to a concert or a party. Even though you may look good on your proper choice of earrings, your safety should always be the number one priority.

In this light, we can tell that fashion plays an important role in bringing out fashion and elegance. However, above all else, our safety should always be considered. Hop over to this website for more information.


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