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Knowing the Myths of Web Hosting and Domain Debunked

Just like a disease online business is the epidemic career as of this generation. You are your own boss with this newly introduced career, they stop being an employee because with this source of living you are able to earn more than you have earned in your past companies, however it may still need a lot of patience, determination, hardwork and optimism. An example is blogging, the main objective is to post videos that would attract a lot of viewers that could be your potential subscribers I’m not just saying any videos but videos such as places that you have traveled, tips to have good skin, Mukbang (eating show) and so on. In addition, videos should be well lighted, good video editing is a must and with a good set of blogging tools. I’m referring to having your own domain by signing up to a web hosting provider service they offer monthly plans and during holidays instead of the regular rates they tend to give discounted prices. Since we are living in a world full of option we can’t immediately decide on which web hosting site is trustworthy and worth every single penny we should be aware of the basic important concepts on getting one. Keep in mind that not all promising messages that they spread is achieved so make sure to protect yourself against bad web hosting provider.

Here are some Myths common myths about web hosting and domains debunked:

  1. Myth #1 For Free Web hosting provider is a good choice

Just because it is entitled that it is a free service it doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision to do. Free services have limits and it can’t always be reliable, if you’re opt to such take note that we can’t guarantee a full customer support, the web security assurance and how about its uptime percentage or page load speed will they be committed to provide all of that for free? I don’t think so.

We are all after for free stuff and services but it will not be enough to ensure improvements, so I suggest that you find a budget- friendly web hosting provider since some of those sites give discounted prices upon registration.

  1. Myth #2 You need an IT expert to start with your website

Companies hire IT professionals to work on their systems, advertising and so on but it is not always applicable to those who are interested of making their on website that’s why we have to look for a web hosting site to tutor us all the information needed to make our blogs better an example is the Bluehost they have upheld good reputation when it comes to their services not only that they also give

tutorials on how to start with it, here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqAvc1MWl2o

  1. Myth #3 Permanent Domain ownership

Misconceived by the thought that once you have paid for it, it can be yours for lifetime.Web hosting sites have renewal agreements that you need to pay for a span of time for you to use it longer. Be aware of the terms and conditions before signing up.

Web hosting services and having domains are the key to a successful website, they will market and make it accessible to the internet world but again do think for how many times before choosing one. Making wise decisions won’t give you regrets.


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