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Important Social Media Do’s And Don’ts For Businesses Promotion

Social media has been a platform where a majority of potential customers for businesses are hanging out. The use of social media by various businesses is ever growing as it has proved to be an easy platform to promote products and services. But is it really an easy platform? You should do the selection of the best instagram views provider for getting views on the account. Proper tips should be considered for getting the views on the stories for product promotion.

I am very active on Facebook and twitter and I have a lot of activity going on in my account. I have subscribed or liked a lot of pages owned by businesses and so I see many posts related to their services and products which sometimes get irritating. Often there are posts about the same product posted several times a day. Inexperience in the social media world can be hazardous for reputation of one’s business. So here, I am compiling a small list of the Do’s and Don’ts which might help you in effectively using the social media platform for business purpose.

1. Language: One of the important factors which will make or break the effectiveness of your post on social media. When you post about your product on social feed, make sure that you use professional language. A sentence having bad grammar will naturally put down the reputation of the business.

2. Use proper social media channel: There are various social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, etc. Facebook is a place where your post will appear only to those who like your business page or those who are in your friend list. Twitter can be a more expensive network where your tweets are mostly public.

I recently read an article which said that putting an image in your tweets is more likely to get retweets than a tweet with no image.

Pinterest, which has recently emerged as a powerful tool for a lot of e-commerce websites can be used to promote your products. All you got to do is pin your images in the pinterest boards and they will appear when people search for similar stuff.

3. A lot of people on social media do not really read through long posts. They just scroll! With this being the case, you got only less than 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Make your posts creative and keep the text as short as possible! Like I said above, about the image in a tweet, the same thing is applicable for Facebook! An image naturally grabs the audience’s attention making him to click it if it’s interesting enough.

FACT: The images in any newspaper are the most seen content in entire newspaper! You get the point here.

4. Never post false statistical information on social media account. This will mislead the audience and you might lose trust.

5. Do not reveal personal business information through your posts on any social media account.

6. Do not ignore the comments that may come on the social media page /account. After all, social media is where you get social with your audience.

7. Make sure that you archive all your social media accounts for reviewing it in future and it also comes handy when your business might come under legal trouble.

8. In case you do post something that is incorrect, immediately apologize for the mistake.

9. If you are just starting to build your social media profile for the business, take it slow and steady.

There is no rush to achieve the goal of 1000 users in 1 week. Make sure that your business account on Facebook or twitter are filled in with correct information and images. A steady growth is most of the times most profitable in the long run. It is indicative that your audience is sticking around. A fast growing social media account can also get banned due to suspected fraudulent activity.

10. Appreciate the users that comment and leave feedback on your social feed. You can also conduct contests or giveaways every once in a while. This is like saying a small Thank you to your customers as well as attracting new users to your page. This naturally helps in getting the word out about your existence.

This may not be a detailed guide to social media marketing or promotion, but it’s definitely something that public relations guys should read to keep themselves in check!


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