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How to Start a Business Card Exchange Club?

Why trade business cards?

Why not? Business cards have been around for a long time. They first appeared in the 17th century in London. Business cards functioned as a way to advertise and directed the public to the merchant stores. Cards are fast, easy, and convenient way to collect eBay’s favorite store and auction members’ sites.How Can These Business Cards Help Promote My eBay Business?

Merchants in all fields of business have used business cards to advertise and promote more new and repeat customers. Business people are have always been willing to give a card to anyone who will take them.

These business cards help share with customers your little commitment on eBay. Have you ever told someone the URL or name of your store and they have forgotten it? Or can’t remember the address yourself? That is what a business card is all about! Give a prospective customer your contact information about your store or auction. It is used as a memory aid.

By exchanging your business card with other eBay sellers, they can help you promote your store or auction and because of it we can have enough funds to create our own healthcare web design, which cost really high. Each seller will put your card in their package when they mail out. Their customer will find your business card and will want to investigate a new opportunity to find some real treasures in your store. Just think, with 20 cards each given to five business card exchange members, where your cards might end up…! Even in the most unexpected places! I just got my first customer from Australia. How To Form A Business Card Exchange Club

It’s easy, first, someone needs to be chosen to be the president or manager of the club. Names, addresses, store URLs, store names, eBay IDs, websites, emails, need to be organized in a program such as excel. Members need to have cards printed either designed at their own computers or places such as, Vista print or Office Depot. Vista print you can purchase 250 cards for FREE, pay for the shipping and handling. Office Depot ran a special on 250 cards. With a special code all you had to pay was the tax. I received my cards for $1.07. So, watch for these deals and pass the information on to your fellow members in you Business Card Exchange Club. About SandrasAcre Business Card Exchange Club

SandrasAcre Business Card Exchange Club was established as a club for people who wanted to promote their store and auctions with little or low advertising fees. We have members from all over the U. S. and some around the world. We exchange cards through the mail. As a member of the SandrasAcre Business Card Exchange Club, you, too, can get cards from other states and countries around the globe. When you join, you receive a member’s list and a starter set of business cards. You will send a stamps worth or about 25 business cards to each member on the list. They in turn, will send you the same amount of cards that you have sent them. When you run out of one members cards, just send them a fresh supply.

People love to collect things – so Why Not Collect Business Cards and start your own Business Card Exchange Club?


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