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How To Locate the Perfect Dog Bed

While your dog might not look like he is uncomfortable sleeping on the floor you know that he would probably like having a bed. Now I know that with my English Mastiff I purchased him a bed when he was younger and he quickly out grew that bed. Now granted he was growing rapidly, but I didn’t take into consideration how fast he would be growing or that he would need a new bed quickly. So I decided to take a couple of things into consideration when I buy a new dog bed.

The first thing that I always take into consideration when I am looking for a new dog bed for my dog is consider if my dog is done growing or if he is going to be growing even more. Now I didn’t take that into consideration when I purchased my English Mastiff his bed, and now I am trying to make up for that mistake because he quickly piled over his bed. I even made this mistake with my little Yorkshire Poodle and it was quite funny watching him lie in his bed.

The second thing that I take into consideration is how much padding I want to have for my dog in his bed. Now I know that the thicker and fluffier beds do have more padding for my dog, but I also know that with the fluffier beds I will have to fluff my English Mastiffs bed at least once a day otherwise it will be a huge mold of his body. So I take into consideration how fluffy the bed is because that will help determine how much work I will have to do with fluffing his bed. The ideal beds for best guard dogs are generally and typically large beds. This is to allow them to have comfort and wide space when sleeping.

The third thing that I always take into consideration when looking for a dog bed is if the outer cover is removable or not. Now I know that might sound silly to look at if the outer cover is removable or not, but I know with my English Mastiffs bed since he was a puppy at the time he would have accidents or shed on the bed terribly. However, since his bed at the time was so large the bed wouldn’t even fit into my washer as a whole. So finding the removable inner bed cushion was great because then I was able to just wash the exterior and interior of the bed separately.

Finding a bed for your dog can be fun and exciting you will also need to take many things into consideration. I know that if you do not consider some things you will probably end up spending more on your dog’s beds than you do on food for him over his lifetime. Dog beds are expensive at times and getting the wrong ones will end up costing you more money than what you thought.


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