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How To Find Top-Notch Torrents – An Ultimate Guide For Movie Lovers

Torrents have always been popular among people and in spite of several streaming sites available today, people still look for torrents. But the problem is there are a lot of illegal torrents out there and this makes it difficult for people to download movies or games. There are a few websites where you can get legal torrents for free but there’s a catch. Not all things available on the website is legal.  Depending on your region, torrents might be blocked citing security reasons. So before you go looking for legal torrents, make sure that the content is available in your country or state.

But some of you might not be familiar with torrents and some of you are probably asking yourselves, what is a torrent ? The answer to this question is simple. Look it up on the internet. So without having anymore time, let’s talk about the legal torrent sites available online.

1. Public Domain Torrents

This website has numerous legal movies and songs available. And they are all legal. There are even games and Tv shows available on this website. You’ll find this easily on the internet. This is indeed a good choice for online downloads.

2. Vodo

If you are looking for independent content, then this is the website for you. You will find tons of legal independent content which is tough to find on the internet. This website also lets you upload content. If you want to support indie shows and movies then download content from this website.

3. Miro

This is an open-source website. You will find audio and video torrents here which are legal. This is a good website where you can find TED Talks. Everything is legal here and you won’t have any issues with downloading content.

academic torrent

4. Academic torrents

This is the go-to for academic torrents. It’s ideal for distributing and obtaining public data. It won’t fill your storage with junk as it only has academic torrents. So if you are looking for educational lectures, or classes then this is the best site for you.

5. Etree

If you are looking for music recordings then you can browse this website for torrents. This site has many high-quality studios and live recordings which you can download at your leisure.This is one of the best sites for music and you can easily download content from this website without any worries.

6. Linux based torrents

If you are operating on Linux based systems, then you will have no problem finding legal websites on the internet. There are a lot of legal torrent websites available online from where you can download movies, software etc.

7. Bitlove

Another website which has many high quality audio and video torrents. Everything is organized in an alphabetical matter. You can also sort your content by languages. This is a feature that many prominent torrent websites lack.You can share your podcasts on this website and it’s perfectly safe.

8. BitTorrent/uTorrent

This is a very popular torrent website. There are thousands of legal content ranging from movies to games.The softwares available on this site are legit and they do not take up to much disk space. You might be having trouble with the other websites mentioned on this list but bit torrent will not trouble you at all.

So here are a few websites where you can find legal content which can be downloaded without any hassle. These sites contain legal content and hence you do not have to feel guilty about downloading anything. These websites are safe and downloading content won’t put your device at risk.And the best part is almost all of the websites will work on all operating systems. Torrents are the easiest way to get something without having to pay for it. Though there are some contents where you would have to pay to download them. But most of the software and games are free so you do not have to worry about paying too much. But before you try downloading anything make sure that your country has no ban on movies or songs. Now that you know where to look for legal torrents, all you have to do is start downloading.


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