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How to Convert and Edit PPS Files

Microsoft Office PowerPoint allows you to create two main file types: PPT and PPS. The PPT format is the editable PowerPoint presentation. The PPS format is the PowerPoint slide show, which until converted, can only be viewed. Most PowerPoint files are distributed as PPS files to prevent any unauthorized changes until the original file has been viewed. Besides that, you have the project scope template that offers you some really amazing templates that you can use in order to make your presentation more effective. 

If you’re like me, you often find PowerPoint slide shows you want to save just certain slides from. For instance, a beautiful, scenic beach with an inspirational quote may be just the thing to print out to post on a wall for motivation. However, until you convert the PPS file to a PPT file, you can only view the slide show on your computer.

In order to use and edit converted PPS files, you must have either Microsoft Office PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress. If you do not have PowerPoint, OpenOffice is free to download and install. The PowerPoint Viewer is not capable of converting files.

The conversion process itself requires no software, only a few changes to how you view files. Please note that these instructions are for Windows operating systems. Changing how to view file extensions on other operating systems may vary.

Open any folder on your computer. Do not open any files. Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Folder Options.” Select the “View” tab to change how you view files and folders. Uncheck the box beside “Hide extensions for known file types.” Press “Apply” to save your changes and press “OK” to exit the screen. You can now close the opened folder.

Right-click your PPS file. The file will now be in the format “filename.pps.” Select “Rename.” Delete the “PPS” portion of the file name. Type “ppt” at the end of the file name. The new file name should be in the format “filename.ppt.” When the warning message appears about changing file extensions, press “OK” or “Continue” to change the file extension anyway.

Now that the PPS file is a PPT, you can open the file in either Microsoft Office PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress. Double click the file to open it. It will try to open in PowerPoint first, but if the program is not installed, it will open automatically in Impress.

Each slide can be edited or printed individually. Select a slide from the menu to the left of the screen to open it for editing. If you want to save the edited file as a PPS, go to the “File” menu and choose “Save As.” Choose the “PowerPoint Slide Show” from the file type list. You can add or remove text, add or delete slides, change backgrounds, change fonts, and much more through both programs.

As a side note, save a copy of the PPS file before you convert and edit it. If you accidentally edit or delete something in the converted file, you can start over with the copy.


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