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How To Choose Your Bowling Ball

Most beginners either struggle to get a good bowling ball that fits their needs, or get a bowling ball that is not appropriate for them. The wide variety in colors, weights, and sizes makes sure that there is a ball for you, but sometimes you get so many options which make you end up confused and unable to make a correct choice.

Some people believe that by buying a lighter ball they’ll have more control thus improving your game; some others might think that a heavier ball would be better because the extra mass can knock down more pins; some may think a larger ball is best because of more volume, and they can keep testing different balls for hours just to end up as uncertain as they started.

Apart from the ball itself, there are other factors to consider that can affect your game. The alley is one of them. Some alleys have lanes which are considered dry, whilst others have lanes considered to be oily, and this affects your ball’s performance too. This is the reason why most professionals have more than one bowling ball choices.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a bowling ball, especially if you are a beginner, is to check the size of the ball and the space between the finger holes. If the finger holes don’t suit you well you should pass on that ball because even if the ball is considered to be light, it is still heavy and your fingers can be hurt while playing. If you have the money or play every day as a professional, you should consider having your ball’s finger holes custom made. This will ensure you are comfortable, give you better control and avoid injuries.

Of course most players, particularly beginners just bowl as an occasional diversion and don’t need to go through the expense of having your bowling ball custom made. Yet, you will still have a nice variety of choices that will allow you to make a good choice. As explained earlier, start with the finger holes. Make sure you feel comfortable using the ball.

When considering weight don’t choose the heaviest just because it’s grater mass can knock more pins. That extra mass can work against you and will make you lose control of the ball. Also avoid buying the lightest ball because you’ll have more control. A ball which is to light can make you overthrow it and it won’t possess enough inertia to be effective. Start with a mid-weight ball and climb your way upwards or downwards in the weight scale until you feel good with the weight of the ball.

These tips can be used as a reference to buy your first bowling ball, but the person in charge of the store can give you great advice too. Ask him what is right for you and he’ll provide you with good information.

These are the ways you can get yourself the best bowling ball. You should check out the best accessories that are available as well. For instance, you should consider getting yourself the best bowling wrist support this way you can improve your game as well.


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