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Get Ready in Time for Sports Season

Sports are hard to prepare for if you’re trying out for football, hockey, basketball, or any strength/speed/endurance sport. You have to maximize your physical abilities in a short period of time, and if you aren’t in any pre-season camps, or you want extra at-home training, here is a list of exercises you can do. You don’t have to do all of them; just the ones that you feel will apply to your sport.

Here is a guide to which sports need what, football needs endurance, speed, and strength, but if you are O-line or D-line you will not need speed. Hockey needs speed, endurance, and strength, except the goalie doesn’t necessarily need speed. Basketball will require all 3 as well, for every player on the court. Baseball will only need speed training, as well as volleyball. Rugby requires the same training as football pretty much, speed, endurance, and strength.

  • Stairs – Run up and down a set of stairs 5 times (Up and down is one time), give yourself a minute break then do it again, do 3 sets. If 5 times is too easy, make it 10 reps, or if 5 is too hard, cut it down to 3. This will build endurance and speed.
  • Ladder – Place the ladder flat on the ground and run over it, placing both feet in each square of the ladder. If you don’t own a ladder or one useable to do this exercise, you can tape a ladder with electrical tape or hockey stick tape t your floor (make the squares a foot and a half long and wide). You can do many activities with this ladder, such as putting three feet in a box (one foot must touch twice) this is extremely good for football. You can also do it sideways similar to a shuffle or a cross-over. This will build speed.
  • Push-Ups – Push-ups will build strength, and there are many ways to do push-ups to make them easier or harder depending on your strength level. If the normal push up is too hard, do the push-ups on your knees and not your toes. If the regular push up is too easy, move your hands together, like you are doing CPR. You can make them even harder by elevating your feet on a higher surface. Do 3 sets of 15 – 20 push-ups.
  • Skipping – It may seem silly, but skipping is an excellent way to boost your speed, and if done enough, it can boost your endurance. Just skip in your garage or outside, but don’t cheat and do hop skipping, where it is like you are running. Stand still and jump with both feet. This will also raise your vertical, so it is very good for basketball and volleyball.
  • Bench Hopping – This will raise your endurance. Take a bench or a stool and stand on either side of it. Then grab both sides with your hands and hop over it to the other side. Continue this until your legs start to feel tired. Once they feel tired, do 5 more.

Working out at home requires lots of will power and dedication, but if it is done persistently and correctly, they can lead to great results. Like or comment on this article and give me some feedback. If I receive enough, I will make a list of other activities you can do at home to get yourself in shape just in time for your sport season.

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