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Do-it-Yourself Tips to Repair Your Computer

Owning a computer is very necessary these days. With the growing use of email and the Internet, everybody seems to be using a computer nowadays. They may also go in for even a second computer in their homes and offices.

Computers are just like every other electronic equipment out there and there may be times when they don’t operate as they should. It could be frustrating to be sitting at a desk with a non-cooperative computer.

When you determine your computer does need to be repaired, it is often best to hire professional help. A computer service technician has got special training to evaluate the problem and offer the best possible solution.

There are some minor types of computer malfunction that you may want to fix yourself. This can be done with a bit of instruction and some attention to detail.

One such computer repair function that you may want to do by yourself is replacing the computer’s fan or battery. Every computer has a fan inside it, allowing it to cool the components that tend to get hot easily. This is essential as overheating can damage the components of the computer.

The first tell-tale sign that your computer’s fan may not be working properly is when you hear a suspicious sound when you startup your computer. Take a moment to test the fan.

Computers generally have two fans. One fan is used to cool the power supply and the other is used to cool the CPU. Listen carefully after you open the cover of the computer. If the sound appears to be coming from the fan that cools the CPU you may want to replace it.

If the warranty of the computer is still valid, then this can usually be done free of charge by the vendor. You only need to follow the same instructions in the warranty card that came with your computer purchase. If the warranty period is over, then you need to take the system to a computer repair shop, have them come over to your place or you can do it yourself.

The most important and first step you need to do before attempting any computer repair is to unplug the system from the wall outlet. Then examine the fan to see how it is connected. It is usually connected only via a few screws. If you loosen the screws, it becomes easy to disconnect the fan from the power supply. You may only need to remove a few clips in the process. Then take the fan to a computer repair shop and buy a new fan.

After replacing the fan, reattach the cover and plug the machine back in. The fan should be okay now and the noise would probably have disappeared and eventually if won’t work than, it would be better to consider a Best laptop repairs in Perth for the better assistance of the technical issue.Sometimes a computer may make noises if a piece of hardware has not been attached properly. Usually it is a CD-ROM or DVD drive. You can carefully remove the computer cover and listen for the source of the noise. Tighten the screws of the hardware in question, reattach the cover, plug the machine back in and listen again to see if the offending noise has gone away.

When it comes to repairing a faulty computer, it’s necessary to be careful and thorough. Computers are expensive appliances. Keeping them running smoothly is essential. If you are okay handling a small computer repair job yourself, you should definitely do it. If you would rather allow the technicians to handle the job, it is best to take your system to a computer dealer or repair shop.


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