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Disney’s Chicken Little Hits the Big Screen in 3-D

At first glance the movie Chicken Little, released by Disney over the past weekend, is simply another animated children’s film in a long line of recent attempts by Disney to revive their old magic that they once had with films such as Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. But, unlike its contemporaries, Chicken Little has something that those other films failed to offer…a new digital 3-D format. This feat was possible because of constant technological advancements. There were Disney performing arts professionals that were performing really hard for making this possible.

This is not the 3-D that many people know, it is a new digital version which makes the elder seem like an unfunny joke…and old joke. The new format, which was designed by Real-D in collaboration with Texas Instruments, uses a new Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection technology to create a more realistic three dimensional viewing experience than ever before. Long gone are the days where a 3-D film gives you an ocular migraine when an object protrudes from the screen.

Say hello to a new viewing experience, one which makes you feel more like you are walking around on the set of the film, completely breaking the barriers film and making the audience feel as if they are in a life-sized diorama of Disney’s imagination.

I have always been a fan of 3-D, and when I heard that this film was making its debut in the format I was jumping at the bit to purchase my tickets online when the picture was released. Originally, I was only somewhat intrigued by the actual film itself, which at first glance did not seem like it would be anything out of the ordinary line of recent animated flops from Disney.

Before the film started there was a company logo screen which was the first glimpse of what the new 3-D would look like, a company emblem which immediately shattered in to mirror-like slivers of glass and shot out at the audience. I was immediately amazed, I realized that I was witnessing something that was going to be one of the great milestones in flim, and it was blowing me away.

The film itself was more than I had expected. Not knowing much about the story I had gone in to the theater with an open mind regarding my expectations. The story revolved around an unlucky chicken who happens to find a piece of the sky that has fallen. Unfortunately, for Mr. Little, when he alerts the town of his findings he is greeted with a pack of angry citizens who, once they gather in the center of town, are greeted with Little and no sign of the piece of sky.

For the next year Little is shunned from the community and made the subject of ridicule. His father, who seems to be the most embarrassed, maintains almost no relationship with his son. Little soon redeems himself in the eyes of the town and his father by becoming a local baseball hero. After his redemption it appears as if his life and image are restored…that is, until he finds another piece of the sky.

After a series of unfortunate and exciting events, the town eventually comes under attack by a group of interplanetary space people who are on a mission to find their lost son. After trying to convince the town once more that there are aliens coming to attack, Little enlists his group of social reject friends to help him save the town. It is only when there is proof that the aliens are coming that he and his father finally deal with their issues and begin to show signs of a trusting relationship.

In the end, Little is a film that will be embrace by children and parents alike. The plot and characters are ones that children can relate to and find fun. There is also a fair amount of humor thrown in the mix to amuse the parents who have to endure 1 hour and 20 minutes of Disney magic in order to bring their children to a movie.

If, for no other reason, go see Little because of the 3-D. It is well worth the $8 admission and is guaranteed to be one of the most amazing visual sights you have ever seen. As well as breaking ground in the movie industry, the recent success of Little’s opening week will also open the door for more films to be produced in the format. Look for the upcoming release of King Kong to appear in theaters in both a 2-D and 3-D format this winter.


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