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Different use cases of a Heat Press device

Are you planning to start your own artwork printing business? Do you want a faster solution than traditional printing methods like screen printing? Well, in that case, you can absolutely swear by modern heat press devices. They are not only faster and more convenient to use but also more versatile than conventional artwork printing methods. We will discuss the various use cases of heat press devices but let us first have a brief overview of the machine.

A few words on heat press device

A heat press device works through the application of two major things- heat as well as pressure. The machine sports a metal surface called “platen”. The platen is where you will keep your T-shirt or any other stuff that you wish to be printed upon. Over that, you will place a transfer paper that will carry your desired graphic design to be printed. Then, you will heat up the platen electronically and apply pressure to get the printed impression of the artwork on your shirt. It’s as simple as that. Just make sure to set the ideal time as well as temperature to ensure a safe printing job. 

Unlike traditional printing methods such as screen printing, a heat press device does not leave unwanted rough texture on right on the printed surface. The finishing is always better with a heat press device.

As mentioned previously, a heat press device operates way faster compared to traditional printing methods. It only means you will always enjoy a quicker turnaround time with heat press devices that will further allow you to cater to more numbers of orders.

Use cases of heat press devices

A heat press device promises diverse use cases. 

Dye Sublimation

It’s a process which helps to print special ink on special paper through transfer. This is where a heat press device comes to help. It helps you to heat press the ink to get it transferred on the special paper which carries an artwork to be printed. The paper is kept over some poly-coated substrate or polyester garment. So, when you use heat press device on that paper, the artwork from that paper gets printed on your poly-coated substrate or polyester garment in a jiffy. It’s to note here dye sublimation with heat press devices enables one to print more detailed or complicated designs efficiently.

Vinyl printing

The numbers and names you find on uniforms are jerseys and vinyl printed. A heat press device is an excellent tool for fast vinyl printing services. If you receive orders for mass jersey or uniform printing that will have numbers or names over them- don’t look further than a heat press device. 

Easy Plastisol transfer

Plastisol transfers enable one to come up with screen-printed items and garments to customers yet without going through the hassles of screen-printing. Now, screen-printing not only demands expensive infrastructure but also carries complicated learning curve. But, plastisol transfer with heat press device relieves from all such woes mentioned above. It’s easier to handle and also way more affordable than screen-printing.

Rhinestone transfer

Are you planning to add some bling zing to an otherwise plain tee or top? How about decking it up with the gorgeous rhinestones? Sounds great, right? Well, you will be glad to know a heat press device is also great for rhinestone transfer. The machine will relieve you from the legwork of placing reach of the rhinestones all by yourself.

It’s to stress here that for professional services, it’s better to look for professional models of heat press devices. They often come with highly advanced temperature and time settings to make the job faster and more effective. Not only that, these professional versions even feature a much bigger-sized platen compared to regular machines so that you can cater to extra large sizes easily. You should check out professional heat press machine reviews online before investing in a one for your business.

Besides, the modern professional heat press machines are even available with the ease of automatic operation. These machines work much faster than manually-operated counterparts and enable you to cater to more numbers of orders easily. If you are planning to set up a printing business, you should opt for automatic heat press devices only. They could be slightly costlier than manually operated ones but are worth every penny spent. 


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