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Christmas Savings And Wallet Expanding Ideas

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year full of laughter and cheer, but for the flat, broke it can be incredibly stressful. Here are some memory and money making ideas to brighten your holiday and ease your pocket book. The relatives can gift minimalist wallet men on the eve of the festival. Along with the memorable gifts, the present of the wallet will meet the daily requirements of the person. It will be a under budget gift for the person.

Scale Down the Tree – If you are like me and need the fresh tree, that is great, but perhaps a 10 ft Douglas fir is pushing the pocket book too far. You can save tons by scaling it down to say a 4ft fir. Plus you can buy a ready-to-plant tree that can be planted after the decorations come off. These ready-to-plant trees can be found at most super stores or at your local nursery and prices range from $10 to $100 (which is a big bargain depending on where you live). Savings around $30

Use What You Got- There is really no need to buy new Christmas balls and garland every year. Try something new with an old fashioned twist by stringing the old unbuttered popcorn no one eats in the pantry. Spice up the kernels with a little paint and get the whole family involved. Savings around $10

Bows, My way – You know that plaid shirt your husband still has from his 1992 lumberjack phase? Now is a good time to put it to use. Cut it into 1 inch by about 9 inch stripes and use them to tie bows on your tree. Those department store bows will run you at least 10 bucks to cover the tree and these home-made ties look so much more classic. Plus, a little destruction of dad’s hideous clothing won’t be lost on the kids. Savings around $10

Shop, Shop, Shop- Spending and getting should not be the goal for your family’s holiday experience, however, we do want to please on that special morning, so shop the bargain stores. Before hitting the Big Box stores check out the bargain outlets and markets or even online first. Often you can find huge deals on the kid’s must haves.

Savings around $100

Time to Grow Up – We all want to get everyone in our family a little something special, but in times like these it just shouldn’t be done. Instead host a “family drawing” through all the adults names in a hat and have everyone draw for their person to gift this year. This way everyone gets something and everyone else saves BIG.

Savings around $200

Total savings around $350.00 or more

The goal is to tighten up the strings on your wallet. Remember Christmas is a time for family and friends, not stuff. Your everyday household goods can be reworked and bargain shopping can get you the wants on your limited budget. My advice is set your spending budget and stick to it. You will come out the richer in the end.


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