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Burn Your Hair (or Skin) with Nair

Ladies, are you sick of shaving every other day? Don’t like going to a salon and getting waxed? Summer is knocking on our doors and for some of us, we are lucky enough to already have the lovely summer weather. With this comes the time to bust out the fabulous bathing suits and soak up the luscious rays of the warm glowing sun. Unfortunately this also means it is time to keep everything maintained and smooth.

I hate shaving, it’s time consuming and a chore. If you can’t afford the luxury of laser hair removal and can’t stand the feeling of waxing (either due to the sting or having someone else touch you) there are other solutions. These include the lovely products that actually burn the hair right off your skin. Burn the hair off my skin? Ouch! Well, I have tested a couple of these products and am here to give you due warning on which products to stay the heck away from! They hurt and are a waste of money. If you know a good skin and laser treatment center near you, you may want to take a suggestion from them before using these products.

“Just say no”

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Cream: I do not have sensitive skin and this product burned my skin so bad that I looked like I had scabies or shingles. Not very attractive when laying pool side trying to tan and look good. I tried leaving this product on for the recommended time, it burned. Then I tried it for half the time, I still burned. This was two weeks ago ladies and I still have marks on my legs that unfortunately, I think are scarred now. I want to save any women or young lady the embarrassment and pain this product put me through.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax: If you are up for waxing, I suggest something else. For some reason some people actually like this product. I however, had issues. Heating up the wax is simple, but if you are a perfectionist, you will end up heating this multiple times for just one waxing session. When you roll this on, it will pull your hair and if you are doing your underarms or bikini line, ouch! It is painful to roll on and when you pull off the waxing strip it does not pull up an adequate amount of hair, therefore you must re-wax spots multiple times. Waxing down there hurts terribly in the first place, why would you want a product that takes forever to finish and does not even get the job done the first time? Skip this one ladies and go with a pro kit like Satin Smooth or Bliss. It’s more expensive, but worth it.

“Ah much better”

Veet Hair Removal Gel Creams: I tried this one and oh hallelujah! My skin was left feeling waxed smooth, it was easy to apply and remove, and did not burn my skin. They carry regular and sensitive cream for our “oh so wonderful skin”. For even easier removal try and buy the perfect touch spatula, this makes removal from legs effortless.

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo: Love this product! No burn or redness, and your lip feels nice and smooth, not waxy or stiff like other facial hair removals. Not much to say except that it is a great product.


David Robson

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