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Best 4 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Without Instagram Bots And Buying Fake Followers!

Instagram bots are used to complete the tasks of a brand on their behalf. They do all the hard work, and you can relax. Earlier, bots were highly used to grow Instagram and earn rewards from it. People tend to buy fake followers and gain money, but with the high-security team of Instagram, this is not possible nowadays. Instagram detects all the fake accounts and fake likes and suspends those accounts.

Instagram always seek real followers and appreciate people that do hard work on their profile and engage visitors. It is good to grow your Instagram profile by not doing any fraudulent activity like buying auto-liking bots or buying fake followers. This will bring down the reputation of your product and will not help you to earn money now. Before using these kinds of activities, it is good to know the terms and services of Instagram, as it is a fantastic read.

There are many good methods of growing your profile organically which are as follows:-

  1. Post consistently

Making posts regularly is the simplest and easiest way to engage your audience. Your followers will feel you are interacting with them by making posts regularly, and this is the best thing to make them comfortable. Making many posts in a day with bore audience, and they will not be interested in your profile anymore. You can make a schedule of making the posts and try to add valuable content that will attract the customers. It is good to post stories as well that represent your brand. Adding stories to Instagram using hashtags, location, and tagging other accounts to repost your story are great ways of engaging more audience.

  1. Make posts at peak time

It is good to know your audience and do work according to them. This is a good way of interacting with them and making them engaged. The best idea to make posts and stories is at peak times. This shows the audience that you care for the brand and are interacting with them appropriately. Make a schedule and note down the timings when your audience is active.

  1. Engage your audience authentically

A brand must strengthen its relationship with the audience. Engaging with your audience by replying to their stories, following them back, liking, and commenting is a good way. This will organically grow your profile and is a good option to attract the number of followers.

  1. Make maximum use of features of Instagram

It is good to make the maximum use of all the features of Instagram. Adding hashtags, location, and making other use of features of stories and make them more engaging is the best option. Making use of hashtags will make your profile grow organically and will increase the engagement. This will help you to know your audience and know what type of content they will like.

Make use of effective ways to grow Instagram rather than opting for fraud acts. This will not provide you anything and is just a waste of money and time. You can achieve rewards by making your profile more active and engaging and is it better to spend time and effort on it. Getting real followers is a much better option than buying fake followers or likes.


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