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Back Pain Treatment – Whether It Is Short-Term Or Chronic In New Jersey?

There are two types of back pain – short term and chronic. I will attempt to explain them here. Both cause extreme discomfort that can sometimes be alleviated with these easy tips.

Short-term back pain is classified as acute and can last from a few days to a few months. It is most often associated with muscle strain or injury and is helped by resting and sometimes medication under a doctor’s care. Short-term back therapy is also used, to strengthen core muscles and get the sufferer back to normal.

Chronic back pain can also be acute, but it lasts a longer period of time. It is thought that this type of back pain sufferer is under undue stress or depressed, both things that can be brought on by the initial onset of back pain. The chronic back pain sufferer has a little different set of rules to follow, as he/she must learn to live daily with back pain. Generally, doctor’s visits are scheduled, along with possible surgeries or physical therapy. Sometimes medication is used short-term to alleviate the worst pain.

Both types of back pain sufferers can benefit from daily exercise. It has been proven that exercise actually strengthens the body and causes pain to disappear in some patients. Even for those back pain sufferers who continue to have pain, the exercise has a twofold blessing. Walking increases endorphins in the brain and makes a person less depressed. In turn, the back pain may lessen, as the patient gets stronger and more positive. Swimming is another great activity for back pain sufferers, as the water serves as a cushion and allows you to exercise with little or no pain.

Back pain is difficult to endure. It can put our lives on hold for a while. See a doctor and follow his/her orders. Get the necessary tests to be sure there is nothing seriously wrong. Do not try to doctor on your own. Do not try to go on about your daily life as if nothing were wrong – you could injure your back even further.

If you have chronic back pain, there are daily living classes that your doctor can set you up for. In them you learn to do many of your activities in a different way that will cause less stress on the back. You may learn to do daily back exercises as provided by your physician to keep the muscles supple. You might need to take frequent rests or use a cane or walker to move about. If sleeping is difficult you can place a pillow between your knees and lie on your side, or lie on your back with a pillow under your knees while sleeping. Both reduce pressure on the back. Your physician will discuss your problem with you and devise a plan for you to follow.

Whether it is short term or long term back pain, the surgeons of New Jersey are providing their treatment. The surgeons say “We serve patients throughout New Jersey.” Above all, eat right, stay healthy, and make it a habit to exercise. Even if you walk a little every day it will help. Get into the habit now – for your back’s sake!


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