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Apps Which Are Ipad’s Best Pals

The craze of buying a new tablet has depreciated considerably over the years. With the new emerging smartphones, having features which are almost equivalent to those which the android tablets promised, the tablet market has seen a fall! Although the new generation smartphone fanatic will dissuade himself from getting a tablet, the Apple iPad has still held on to its charm! The iPad market is still in a full bloom, having buyers all around the globe.
Possessing an iPad simultaneously serves to cater to your professional and kid-dish mind! While you can smoothly handle all your professional data and works with the assistance of the apps, there are applications which become a source of your entertainment and hobby!

If you have got your new iPad home, there are some must-have applications which are the best companion your tablet can have! Without further ado, visit this page for the latest APK file and gift your tablet some latest and smart apps!


Well, Mark Zuckerberg is everybody’s best friend in the 21st century! His gift to this world has given social networking a completely new dimension. Facebook is the very first app which every smartphone owns, and the iPad is no exception to this rule! Facebook is not only used as entertainment in this modern world but has opened its arms in the professional field too! Get it downloaded on your iPad such that you can accept invites, share status and events and upload photos wherever you go!


Want to know the daily news update? Even though many news apps have come and gone, the Flipboard still rules the market! For your everyday dose of regular news updates on your iPad, get this app installed. The approach of presenting the daily news, podcasts, and events in the form of a digital magazine, print style in nature have been well appreciated in the market. The new updated feature of Flipboard makes it user-friendly and enables that you can easily flip through them in your iPad! The specially curated magazine offered daily, and the social media style topics which you can follow makes it the best news app on your iPad.


This is something special to your iPad. Your iPad is naturally the best device you have for daily reading sessions on various apps and websites. However, what happens when are you travelling in a no network zone? Worried? Here, Instapaper comes to your rescue. This app in the iPad ensures that it saves all the websites that you were checking on in an offline mode. Besides, you can save them separately for offline reading whenever required. What more! Whether you are travelling without wifi or want to save up some data, Instapaper is your iPad’s best friend! You can easily access your saved info from Instapaper’s app on Kindle, Android or desktop.


Your iPad is your everyday planner! And Timepage is a boon to your tablet. This application works in sync with iCloud and Google but gives an efficient platform for planning your days and enables you to create and add events easily. The base gives you a view of the daily schedule, while as you click on specific dates, you get to see all your events and appointments. The heatmap feature of the month displays all the free and busy days of the month amalgamating all the events and appointments scheduled on your iPad. With the heavy multitasking facility of your iPad, you are relieved of recollecting dates with Timepage!

Slacker Radio

While operating a radio is not feasible in the iOS platform, Slacker Radio can be your friend! This app provides you with the opportunity to get connected to various music from around the globe with ease! With live streaming facilities of ESPN Radio, Weather Channel, playlists make this platform an app which comes handy as you are relaxing on your couch or travelling to your office.


Remembering your passwords and login ids are real trouble! With various portals in use, you must have a ton of password that you need to recollect every moment you try to login some account. To relieve you of the hassle of remembering all these details, the Lastpass app on your iPad is a really useful app. It maintains all your login ids and passwords in a well-protected environment, enabling you to use them whenever required! Lastpass iOS was great in password generation;however the Safari Extension is an upgrade to it. With this feature, it can integrate itself into the web browser, auto-filling passwords, and forms for you!


Google is the new guiding star of this generation! With all its amazing features, Google is the key to all your searches and brings you to hassle free solution to all your queries. Be it finding a place or helping in your project or sharing files. Google does it all, and you simply can’t afford to miss out on it! Google is the all-time favorite application on all platforms, and your iPad is not an exception. Dive into the world of Google and get things done swiftly! The Google maps will let you find destinations in no time, and you get to reach places on time without much confusion of searching places!


This app on your iPad ensures that you get 2GB free space in your device. It’s a cloud-based easy storage device, and you can access any files and documents from your PC to the iPad and other devices spontaneously without much effort! Drop or store documents, images in the dropbox, sharing them easily without any wire. Since this function in sync with all other devices, it is a better choice than the iCLoud Drive as it is much easier to use.
These apps are the ones which you can’t simply escape while using your iPad. The large interface of your device makes the use of this app swift and easy! Thus, these are the apps which will be the best pals to your iPad using experience!


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